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One of the most influential federal Conservatives in British Columbia is hosting a fundraiser for provincial Liberal Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon. Earlier this month, select supporters received a glossy, full-colour, personalized brochure (cha-ching!) offering them complimentary tickets to Minister Falcon's annual Beans n Jeans barbeque - scheduled to get underway at 3:00 on July 22. And, according to that brochure (which features a photograph of the highway baron sitting on a fence, beside a horse) the western-themed event is being "generously hosted" by Senator Gerry St. Germain at his Indian Springs Ranch. Upon hearing the news, one federal Grit wryly wondered if Campbell administration MLAs in the Okanagan would be organizing a similar event at Liberal Senator Ross Fitzpatrick's Cedar Creek Estate Winery. But we're pretty sure Public Eye readers already know the answer to that question.


Very interesting.

At least this levels out the federal politics playing field in the BC Liberal party -- to some degree. The vast majority of the BC Liberal caucus openly supports the federal Liberals... including Carole Taylor, Linda Reid, John Nuraney, Richard Lee, Bill Bennett, John Les, Kevin Kreuger, et al. That doesn't include the BC Liberal has-beens that are federal Liberal cheerleaders, including Joyce Murray, Sheila Orr, Brenda Locke, Patty Sahota, Patrick Wong, Christy Clark, Gary Collins, et al.

There has always been a double standard in the BC Liberals that it's okay to openly campaign for the federal Grits... so I'm happy to see at least one BC Liberal CabMin play footsies with the Tories.

It is interesting to note that Jordan Bateman reports that this event is actually a volunteer appreciation gathering, similar to what Rich Coleman does each year. In fact Jordan specifically stated that this event was NOT a fundraiser. I wonder if there is any farmed fish being given away ?

Ryan - you can't fault Liberals for wanting to support Liberals. The real question is, does anyone with any power in the BC Liberal Party backroom structure actually support the federal Liberals? The BC Liberals were taken over by the Tories long ago, when it comes to the people with the real power. (ie. Patrick Kinsella, etc.)

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