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David Chudnovsky may be the provincial New Democrat's transportation critic. But it looks like the former British Columbia Teachers' Federation president has expanded his responsibilities to include labour. Last month, at the World Peace Forum, Mr.Chudnovsky moderated an international panel discussing "Trade Union Strategies for the 21st Century." According to the British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union notice advertising that event, panel topics included "How can falling union representation in the private sector be reversed?" and "How should unions relate to 'progressive' governments?"


Just because he is a NDP MLA doesn't mean he has no expertise in Labour studies. My God, what if they had invited Mike DeJong?

Carol James is taking a very, very major risk leaving the anti-Port Mann and anti-Trans Canada Hwy MLA Chudnovsky in place as the NDP's transportation critic. Anyone wondering why good economic numbers are causing the NDP to loose popular support only needs to look at the record of elections past. Voters perceive highways to be a key engine of economic growth, even if some academic experts are now more cautious in their estimates of highway or railroad impacts on overall economic growth.

A strong economy coupled with Falcon's Gateway program looks good to voters. An NDP Opposition that is reverting to a 1950s/1960s routine of criticizing "blacktop government" looks like the kind of people who would turn down the rate of growth if given a chance. They would be expected to reduce highways investments, and people believe that would cost jobs. This is why the NDP has dropped in the polls.

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