Gone fishin'

Tommorrow, your humble organ will be going on vacation for the next two weeks - which will feature a roadtrip to exotic Edmonton. As a result, postings will be sporadic between now and next month.


Have a great, well-deserved rest. I've spent about a dozen summers in E-town and enjoyed them all. If you hurry, you'll get there in time for the Stanley Cup riot!!

i met you a few years back in the brainstorming stages of creating a publication. it is truly awesome to see the dream come a reality :)


by the way....north carolina won the stanley cup. hmmmmm...

Hope you are enjoying the holiday. Too bad you left before, out of the blue, the Deputy Minister of Health said goodby Gordon I don't like and wont accept your health policies. Gordo says he can't understand why she left and Abbott didn't know anything because he had turned off his Blackberry. Actually he is waiting for the spin doctors to make it all better

Oh boy.

Looks like we're in for fortnight of document dumps.....

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