Conservatives getting into the aquaculture business?

As some of our astute readers may already know, members of the legislature's special committee on sustainable aquaculture are presently touring the province to find out what British Columbians think about fish farming - nevermind the fact that issue has already been repeatedly canvassed in public opinion polls and by the provincial press pack. But the committee's travels haven't been entirely without merit - resulting in at least a few laughs and giggles along the way. A case a point: we draw your attention to its recent hearing in Campbell River, wherein local city councillor Mary Storry presented the committee with a list of 440 businesses in the area who "supply our aquaculture industry." But New Democrat MLA Claire Trevena noticed something a bit odd about that list because, "on the top of one page it's got: 'Conservative Party of Canada.' I just wondered how they had supplied..." To which the councillor replied, "I should have cut that one out...I'm sorry. That definitely shouldn't have been in there." The following is Hansard's complete transcript of that exchange.

C. Trevena: Mary, in your attachment that you've given with all the lists of 411 names...Are these suppliers to the industry?

M. Storry: Yes. They have supplied one manufacturer or one industry or one industry, one salmon farm. The shorter list of 120 has supplied three or more.

C. Trevena: I'm just intrigued, because on the top of one page it's got: "Conservative Party of Canada."

M. Storry: Ah well, there you go. I should have cut that one out.

C. Trevena: I just wondered how they had supplied….

M. Storry: Isn't that the donation page? Is that appendix three you've got there?

C. Trevena: I'm going through the list. It's the first list, alphabetically - attachment one.

M. Storry: I'm sorry. That definitely shouldn't have been in there.

C. Trevena: Thank you.

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Way to go Claire. You sorted that little item out prestty quickly.

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