Will du Toit be sharing her email advice with MLAs?

Earlier, we reported on children and family development deputy minister Lesley du Toit's view that her employees should not "use this official email network to advertise or send unnecessary messages to all of staff." This, in response to a message promoting Bike to Work Week - a program that has been strongly supported by the provincial government for the past 12 years. Well, Ms. du Toit might be interested to know ministry employees aren't the only ones cheering for Bike to Work Week online. One of our helpful readers reports that - last week - a bulletin was posted on the legislative assembly's Intranet front page noting that "This is Bike to Work Week!" Included in the bulletin was a link to the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Week Society's Website.


Looks like Ms. du Toit has egg on the face.

She certainly missed that one.

Kinda makes one wonder if she rode a bike and then had the chain snap on her or derail off the rear sprockets.

Perhaps buy a CCM or Giant bike and ride to work herself.

I have no idea what this has to do with the Ministry in question. I have to ask if this mystery Leslie is somewhat of a looker and Mr. Holeman's sex life is lacking, because these threads are starting to look borderline obsessive compulsive on the part of the Public Eye. What gives Sean, why this obsession ?

Quit picking on Holman. From what I gather, the new boss has a pretty aggressive management style. Nothing like getting a lot of cooperation from the folks who are following governemnt policy. Stuff is bound to show up in unsealed envelopes when a deputy starts throwing her weight around a few minutes after taking over. Might be a few folks a couple of steps down the chain of command that had thoughts of getting promoted, and in comes another hand picked by Gordo.

Nice work Holman. An anon comes out of nowhere with a six year old picture within 80 minutes of my post. Good work. The question still remains. Why this obsession ?

Hi Kevin

"a six-year old picture out of nowhere ... within 80 mins ..." my word

You've heard of this internet thing?

Sean is just doing his duty. Perhaps it is another who is obsessed ?


It's quite simple.

Campbell in opposition chastizes NDP for failure to protect children in government care - Campbell comes to power - Campbell approves sweeping management changes in Ministry to decentralize responsibility for child care while cutting costs - senior staff who Campbell appointed fail miserably at implementing changes - child dies - numerous committees and inquiries follow - at a large cost to the taxpayer - detailing the incompetent management by the senior staff in this Ministry.

Campbell's next response - hire savior from South Africa - one of the savior's first actions is to make a management 101 mistake.

So will history repeat itself - will the Ministry under this amateur change it's sorry ways? If I were a betting man...unfortunately I think not!

So that's the continuing saga and a sad one at that...and for this Premier Campbell should be ashamed of himself...but I forgot he is a "man" with no shame.

Sean would do well to ask the community of First Nations individuals who attented the MCFD Consultation yesterday for their perspective on the choice of Lesley du Toit as the person to guide this ministry through the next few years.
It was a child from their community who died and about whom WHINEY the POOP wrote.

Given her management background, she probably announced the formation of numerous Committees.

I have no idea what this has to do with the Ministry in question. I have to ask if this mystery Leslie is somewhat of a looker and Mr. Holeman's sex life is lacking, because these threads are starting to look borderline obsessive compulsive on the part of the Public Eye. What gives Sean, why this obsession ?

Posted by Kevin Larsen on June 5, 2006 07:09 PM

This suggestion is a bit bizarre, Kevin. If du Toit were a imported male Mandarin, what would your free time broadcast on behalf of the Liberal Party of BC have consisted of? Whenever highly paid, big-time managerial imports make really dumb moves like this, the staff in the bureaucracy immediately let others know, including friends and family and the press too.

Are you saying that Holman should have refused to publish this informaiton? Why? A much better question really would have been why we DON'T hear about this in the Sun and/or Province, or BCTV, or Global, or the Globe, or the CBC.

Why the intense focus on MCFD's new Deputy?

For a start, it's interesting that since Premier Campbell recruited and appointed her to lead the Ministry out of chaos, everything we've seen so far has come from the Deputy, with the Minister nowhere in sight.

But more substantially, it's because the current administration
A) Defied all logic and advice with a radical, ideologically-driven agenda of budget cuts and massive restructuring that sent an already-troubled Ministry spiralling into disaster; and then
B)Appointed Ms. Du Toit as the latest in a long line of replicants tasked with extricating the Ministry from disaster, using pretty much the same ideological formula that failed so badly the first time around, and the second, and the third...

Having watched it all unfold in utter disbelief the first time, and then repeat itself the second and third times, it's looking an awful lot like the start of another slow motion replay of the train wreck unfolding before us all over again -- pretty hard to take your eyes off!

I know it is pretty hard for partisan eyes to understand the previous post by Dawn Steele, but there lies the sad truth that individuals such as LINO supporter Kevin Larsen will not acknowledge as it speaks to the problems inherent in the Core reviews and ideological isms of this government and the mismaamgement of a ministry they actually do not believe in.Too bad for them they could not just make it go away in the tape cutting sham performance of Kevin Falcon.

As much as it made me chuckle, there is obviously some truth to what Budd says. Yes, I am a proud BC Liberal supporter, and had this so called news been about policy to do with this Ministry I say fair game. However I still do not see en email over how someone bikes to work, or not as being a news story.

I get the impression that we may soon read about Leslie Du Toit having a run in her nylons. And please, I don't need an anon. post linked to a picture of that

"Spamming is commonly defined as the sending of unsolicited bulk e-mail - that is, email that was not asked for (unsolicited) and received by multiple recipients (bulk). A further common definition of spam restricts it to unsolicited commercial e-mail, a definition that does not consider non-commercial solicitations such as political or religious pitches, even if unsolicited, as spam."

Given Ms du Toit's expanded definition of spam, I guess that means that unsolicited messages from the Premier and his Deputy Minister are banned in her Ministry.

I wonder if the BC Public Service Commission has a written policy on spam?

Given the PSA's utter ineptitude, I would be willing to bet they have no written policy!

And I would even take odds!

Sean...Please let us know...meanwhile are there any young, naive "Rockpile takers" out there?

May be Ms du Toit should ask the PSA to strike committee to develop such a policy.

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