Restless spirits of 2010

Your humble organ has been remiss in covering the latest seat warming action at the Rockpile. So here's some squibs to bring you up-to-date: earlier this month, we reported on the eminent depature of ministerial assistants Cheryl Maitland (small business and revenue) and Steve Puhallo (tourism, sports and the arts) and from the legislative precincts. The government has since moved to fill those gaps in the Rockpile. Replacing Mr. Puhallo will be Olga Ilich's junior aide Colin Doylend. And Rick Thorpe's executive assistant Samantha Thorpe (no relation) takes over from Cheryl Maitland. Meanwhile, in related news, Sharon McKinnon, who was one of two senior aides at children and family development, will be filling Jake McEwan's shoes at agriculture and lands. And senior issues management coordinator Tera Nelson is packing her bags in the premier's office to take a post at Partnerships British Columbia.


Congrats to Ms. Nelson on her new position at the Premier's premier palace of patronage, Partnerships BC. A couple of question though: what makes Ms. Nelson uniquely qualified for this position? What position is Ms. Nelson taking, and was the position ever posted? (Parternships BC doesn't list posts on its website--so that likely is a no).

Yes, the position was advertised. Maybe if you looked in the career section in the Van Sun a few Saturday's ago, you might have applied yourself.

It was a competition, which she won.

What a stupid, silly, contrite response...clearly the IQ quotient needs some upgrading at the "Rockpile".

Oh but Mr. Thorpe has hired a new assistant...say hello to Pamela Hollingsworth...she of the Liberano experience (they tried to use her considerable skills to save their bacon), and of npa fame (where she was treated like dirt all the while helping keep the pieces together) One smart cookie. Let's see if this helps the minister. Cause if this one doesn't help, nothing will.

Looks like good people leaving and good people coming in to replace them.

Besides the long suffering Samantha Thorpe how many assistants has Rick Thorpe had ?

Congrats to her for sticking it out and working her way up.

Amazingly, Samantha has lasted way longer than other staff who have had the misfortune of being assigned to the Thorpedo. I think there have been more than a dozen Comm Directors that have been transferred out (while not always by choice, a welcomed change), quit or fired. A rather deserved assignment for the current CD.

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