The Yankees know how

At least two senior provincial New Democrat operatives are heading south of the border for political advice. Public Eye has learned the leader's press secretary Scott Perchall and party communications officer David Bieber will be attending a training seminar in Washington, D.C. hosted by Campaigns & Elections. The annual event - which is being held at the Washington Marriott and costs $475 to register - includes sessions such as "Just Don't Do It - Actions to avoid in a campaign," "Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer - How to talk to reporters" and "Diggin' for Dirt! - How to find and use opposition research." In an interview with Public Eye, caucus communications director Jim Rutkowski said Mr. Perchall was "paying his own way" to the event - receiving no funding from caucus. Mr. Rutkowski didn't know whether the party was funding Mr. Bieber's trip.


"Campaigns & Elections" is a good resource for American politics. But some of the finer points need to be adapted for Canadian political environment since some things that are routinely done in politics the U.S. are against the law here in Canada.

But the basics can easily be figured out at home without the expensive trip and tutorial.

In fact anyone can subscribe to Campaigns and Elections and learn a few things.

But alot of the things come down to common sense.

There isn't much out there in basic campaign that is new.

I disagree. These sessions probably are valuable and it's good to see that NDP staff are look at improving political strategy and communications.

Just goes to show that the staff isn't the problem in the NDP right now. It's the leadership.

With the BC Liberal Party, its the exact opposite.

The problem isn't with the leadership, its with the staff.

33 MLA's, most of them rookies. No major mistakes. A staff that grew from around 8 to more than 50 overnight (with many of them very inexperienced). No major mistakes. Deep ideological and strategic differences within the caucus of 33. No major mistakes and no serious infighting.

In the real world, people credit the leadership for successes like that.

Now, know how, I expect you'll say that the Liberals are up and NDP down in the polls, and leadership is to blame. Hardly. Campbell is conveying a kinder gentler face and approach. The economy is booming. Unemployment is basically just transitional. The strong dollar has kept the price of imported goods down - so inflation hasn't taken a toll. The olympics are just around the corner. This is a fantasy second term for any government.

If NDP strategists are taking the time to learn from others about campaign tactics and approaches, with the huge electoral challenge ahead of them, I'm all for it. Hmmm, having the forsight to train your campaign team properly. Come to think of it, that's leadership too.

One question Mr./Mrs. Know How. Just how bitter are you that you didn't get hired / the job you really wanted in the NDP caucus.

Rebuttal to Brent Donaldson

The problem with the BC Liberals is not the staff. Its the tight control that they are under from above . As well there is zero effort to attract and retain staff so there is no incentive for any good new peoelp to come on board.

the staff need to be utilized better !

Message to Liberal staffers. Gordo is always right and his boss Martyne Brown is even more right

"Message to Liberal staffers. Gordo is always right and his boss Martyne Brown is even more right"

Message to DL and others who think the above
quote is true.

Wrong on that one. Too much micromanaging and Brown having an MBA should know better.

Gordo isn't always right. Think about the children.

If they want good people rather than puppets then improve the environment otherwise all they are doing is managing a room of monkeys tapping away at the keyboards.

Even the NDP is better at staff management.

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