It seems like only yesterday

Your humble organ will be taking a brief (but much-needed) respite over the long weekend. That means two things. Number one: postings will be sporadic between now and Wednesday. And two: we'll be missing out on the second anniversary of Public Eye's first article - which was 1,465 stories ago. So a big thanks to all our readers and everyone who has contributed to the continued success of this journal.


a well deserved rest. congrats on the 1,465.

Happy Anniversary Sean!

You've done a great job

I think the number 1465 has something to do with the Da Vinci Code!

Good work buddy!

Have a few days off but I would recommend you stay away from taking a ferry trip. But hurry back because who knows what Gordo and his New Era guys might get up to now thwe houae is shut down

Mai Tai's in Halfmoon Bay anyone? ....."Priceless"

Come back with more good stuff...while you are at it, put some spin in it for me...Thanks a million Sean:)..

Congrats on your 1465th

I steal more stories from you than from anyone else.

Hmmm - maybe I am fitting into the corporate world

Dan Hilborn
Burnaby NOW

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