The worker of the world has nothing to lose but their chains

The provincial Liberals may claim to have brought labour peace to British Columbia's public sector. But there appears to be some holdouts of union unrest. On May 1, New Democrat MLAs were sent a "strictly confidential" bargaining bulletin informing them that "a tentative agreement" had been reached between caucus and its constituency assistants - who are represented by the British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union. Those negotiations have been underway since August. And it was hoped ratification of that agreement would happen "quickly." But that deal hasn't been signed. And insiders familiar with the negotiations say the agreement may now be off the table. Opposition chief of staff David Perry hasn't yet returned a phone call seeking comment on this story. The following is a complete copy of that bulletin.

Strictly Confidential
May 1, 2006
To All MLAs

Further to previous communications regarding progress on negotiations, your committee is pleased to advise that a tentative agreement has been reached and that we currently await the response of the Union to our request for a meeting to finalize language on agreed upon terms and conditions. It is our hope to be able to commence the ratification process quickly, and a meeting to present the tentative agreement will be set immediately upon having the document completed.

We would like to thank all MLAs, the Union and its bargaining committee members for their very constructive and positive suggestions.

Please feel free to contact your bargaining committee members if you have any questions.


The BC Liberal can successfully negotiate with almost all of the public sector unions in the province.

Carole James can't even get an agreement with 33 of their own staff.

Wonder if the agreement isn't adopted, would lead to the Constituency Assistants having to "down tools".

Burn barrels in front of the NDP's constituency offices?

Would the Liberal Caucus based Constituency Assistants launch a sympathy strike?

Vic, the answer to your second question is no. The NDP constituency sluggos almost threw down their hardhats earlier in search of a four-day week. Doesn't sound like they get the signing bonus either.

And what do the Liberals pay their CA's?

It's clear that if the NDP is to avoid losing seats in the next election and have a decent shot at government it needs to clean house at the top with both the leader and staff.

Where is the REAL story here? Carole James screwed all of the MLA office staff at the exact same moment that she screwed all of the MLA's when she knifed them all in the back from the safety of her cellphone in Saskatchewan. This is an old story.

Not another NDP palace coup? Say what you will about Dave Barrett, he knew how to maintain Party discipline. Gordon must be watching in amazement and delight as these people attack their own leader yet again. Carole should appear more often in public wearing that t-shirt Jim Sinclair loaned her with "Et tu, Brute?" on the front and the knife-marks on the back.

Let's get real folks. The NDP at least are negotiating with their staff. I used to be in what a lot of folks figured was a very militant federal union. Yes we had unionized staff, an yes from time to time some pretty heavy duty negotiations went on. when all was done, both sides settled and work contined. Sure James stopped the pay raise deal that many of us talked about a whole lot. Hell , she is my MLA and as so many others did we asked what in heck was she getting into?

A real leader admits a mistake( stupid move).

When did Gordo step up after the Hughes report and said "Sorry I was wrong" When did he say sorry I lied to you about breaking signed conracts? Never that's when. The only time he said sorrry about anything was after getting caught drunk driving and though he might get booted out.

James has a strong caucus, doing some pretty heavy work uncovering a lot of stuff the NEW ERA gang were and are, up to. So I guess it's normal some folks will do their best to make her look bad.

It's not difficult to make Carol Lames look bad. She does it all by her lonesome, and I have to admit, it is fun to watch the hypocrisy of the socialist.

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