A king among kings

Earlier, we reported Community Living British Columbia chief executive officer Rick Mowles is the co-owner of JJJ Stables, an award-winning California-based stable. But he's far more than just a player in the sport of kings. Mr. Mowles is the chair of the BC Standardbred Association's government policy committee, which is responsible for keeping in touch with MLAs, monitoring legislation that impacts the industry and suggesting improvements the association would like to see.


Viewed in terms of horse trading, the contracting practices at CLBC might make a bit more sense.

Mr. Mowles' passion for the sport of kings raises many very odd parallels and contrasts with his day job responsibilities for assuring the provision of community support and inclusion of developmentally disabled adults in BC.

One's private life and private choices are just that, but in reading about his elite horses with their own swimming pool, I was immediately reminded of his contention that group homes are too expensive to maintain as a leading residential option for community inclusion of developmentally disabled adults in BC.

Of course he is right, as long as we maintain our commitment to tax regimes that put our individual entitlement to build swimming pools for our horses, if that is our choice, ahead of our obligation to afford the most basic comforts of life to our fellow citizens.

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