The Potemkin registry

The government has recently patched up another hole in the province's lambasted lobbyist registry. Under the present honour system, government relations professionals fill out an online check form to notify the registry which MLAs they plan on lobbying. But, according to three lobbyists who spoke on condition of anonymity, that list doesn't include the names of many legislators who were elected in 2005. And some defeated or retired MLAs are still on the form. But, in an interview with Public Eye, registrar of public inquiries Brenda Guiltner explained the problem has "been rectified in the last couple days...It's all current and up-to-date now." Ms. Guiltner also said the Campbell administration's new cabinet ministers have been on the list since the election. Although, "I know we didn't have the leader of the Opposition on there. But I couldn't tell you which" others weren't on the list "because it's been fixed." She added that, before the list was update, lobbyists could contact her and ask for a name to be added to the form.

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They are amazing. Why was this not updated after the election? I guess it demonstrates the level of importance the registry has in BC.

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