Heyman says I told you so

Earlier, we reported provincial government recruiters might have a spot of trouble convincing Alberta social workers to come to British Columbia. The reason: child protection workers serving King Ralph Klein make more than those toiling in Lotusland. And, yesterday, the British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union president George Heyman made the same point in a news release. According to the release, during the recent round of collective bargaining, union negotiators "warned the Campbell government that they faced a recruitment challenge to attract new social workers and child protection staff." Said Mr. Heyman, "We argued long and hard for adjustments to bridge the gap. But unfortunately government negotiators denied they faced problems and rejected our solutions out of hand."

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The "Alberta Advantage" is true in virtually every trained profession, unionized or not. That's because of the free market, something most unionists don't recognize. Alberta has more money sloshing around, and BC is simply a more pleasant place to live; Edmonton has to pay more than Vancouver just to get people to live in a crappy place like that. Hence, salaries are significantly lower in BC in most trained professions. No conspiracy there.

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