Strange hospital bedfellows

Provincial New Democrat caucus chair Jenny Kwan and phyisician Maria Hugi have one thing in common: both are opposed to a planned 23 percent cutback in emergency room doctors at Mount Saint Joseph Hosptial. In fact, earlier this month, Ms. Kwan used a letter from Dr. Hugi as proof it is Health Minister George Abbott's staff "who is (sic) dictating the cutback based on a workload formula that is, unfortunately, not tied to patient safety." But does the Vancouver-Mount Pleasant MLA - who was "alterted" to the issue by Dr. Hugi - share the physician's view of America's healthcare system. In a letter to the editor published in the October 2005 edition of The Medical Post the physician notes "I regularly find myself salivating when my husband, an ER physician who works in a huge publicly funded hospital in New Orleans for the poor and uninsured, tells me what he can do for his patients." And she complains that "While I think there are better models of health-care delivery to emulate" than the one used in the States "the fearmongers among us always raise the bogeyman spectre of an American system where 45 million have no health insurance." One wonders who she might be thinking of?


If not 45 million - How many in the American system have no health insurance?

The number I get is, more than 48 millions. and if you are lucky enough to work some place that has a plan the costs are astronomical.I attened a conference . The subject of health was on the table, In the US of a ten years ago. The lady next to me asked if we paid for our health insurance. I told her we had a plan some provicnes pay directly and some don't, we paid around 50 bucks( now doubled). She informed me for a family of three they paid 400 dollars. Not that bad said I. Not so good says she, thats 400 a month. The Us can keep their system and we have to stop voting right wing governments into place or we will end up like the Us with their hundreds of plans and costs that are huge.

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