Another great IdeaWorks

Earlier, we reported on the sudden depature of Marian Meagher from her post as the provincial New Democrat operations director. And now we've learned Carole James has found a replacement in the form of her election readiness chair Mary O'Donoghue. Ms. O'Donough, who will be styled as caucus's executive director, worked as the Coalition of Progressive Electors' election day manager during the last Vancouver civic campaign and had previously been theNew Democrat's caucus research director. She was also a director with IdeaWorks Consulting, a management company whose principals included John Horgan and Ian Reid. Mr. Horgan is now the New Democrat's education critic and Mr. Reid is presently the Opposition's policy director.


Looks like another syncophant gets the big job. Not to mention that she's a Dosanjh retread. With the NDP dropping like a rock in the polls, when will they wake-up?

Oh God. When will this ever end? I've got an idea... when is the next leadership convention again...?

This is funky music ....
Yer both idiots. Or your names are Mike Geoghegan and Ill Informed.
Mary served the NDP caucus faithfully and excellently under four Premiers and now one opposition leader. She is not a "Ujall" anything. She is not an "ite" of anybody and doesn't owe her ongoing employment to loyalty to any one leader or faction, but to a record of competence, accomplishment, and tireless work. She's an excellent choice for an organization that needs the help

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