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Some squibs from federal Liberal leadership hopeful Stephane Dion's campaign: rumours abound that former provincial cabinet minister Joyce Murray will be co-chairing the candidate's British Columbia operations. Meanwhile, John Godfrey's former chief of staff Andrew Bevan, and Brian Guest, who was the prime minister's deputy principal secretary during the Martin administration, are also said to be backing Mr. Dion - as is ex-Young Liberal national director Denise Brunsdon. Messrs. Bevan and Guest had been the principal organizers for Mr. Godfrey's abortive leadership bid.


Dion's camp is getting sloppy seconds. He'll be eliminated somewhere between Hedy and Matha Hall Findlay.

What is it with comments to Public Eye postings? "Sloppy seconds?" "Eliminated somewhere between Hedy and Martha Hall Findlay?"

Stephane Dion is fortunate to have the support of Andrew Bevan, Denise Brunsdon and Brian Guest. Andrew is among the most capable people I have known in my 30-plus years as a member of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Anonymity should be used when releasing information: not as a cloak for nastiness.

Sloppy seconds? Paleeeze.

Rae and Dryden were courting Denise Brunsdon daily. She is the best Youth organizer in the country. This is big news.

Hmmm... I really think when people resort to anonamus mudslinging, they do it to hide their obvius nervousness.

If you think those people are really "sloppy seconds" why not say so under your real name? No need to answer - it's because you're a nobody who can't stand up to them. And that's why your candidate is going to lose.

Denise Brunsdon is a Very Capable Woman with a Good Heart and a Good Conscience towards Politics. I'm glad to be working with her on the Stephane Dion Team.

My my my, the great Greg Wilson is giving lessons on ethics and decorum to "Stephane who". Something tells me the Greg is currying favour.

Greg Wilson:

'Anonymity should be used when releasing information'... do you practice what you preach?

Question: Have you posted comments er...information to this site as well as the Vancouver Sun, 24 Hours and other media types?

People in glass houses should never through stones.

sloppy seconds?? isn't this thing going to be won by sloppy seconds, sloppy thirds and sloppy fourths?

Hedy Fry is being received very well in Ontario. At the lpco convention last weekend, she received more applause than Rae or Ignatieff. Martha Hall Findlay, on the othe hand, is widely regarded as a delusional flake by Ontario Liberals. She's riding aroud in a big red custom tour bus with a giant picture of herself painted on it and the slogan "It's Time!". This from a woman who has never even been elected as member of parlament.

crosses are burning as we speak in kenora. oops, I meant north bay.

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