It's party time

It looks like a number of senior aides are digging themselves out of the Rockpile. Ministerial assistants Cheryl Maitland (small business and revenue) Jake McEwan (agriculture and lands) and Steve Puhallo (tourism, sports and the arts) have tendered their resignations and will be vacating the legislative precincts after the spring session wraps up. Mr. McEwan is bound for the private sector. But Ms. Maitland and Mr. Puhallo will still be working for the Liberals as regional party organizers in the heartlands of British Columbia. Further departures are expected.


Holy! what is that like 5 assistants that Minister Olga Ilich has been through in less then a year. Such a cakewalk ministry and how fast the assistants line up to leave.

those is good peoples leaving the government.

I heard Dave Cyr was leaving to start training for the Hawaiian Ironman.

Oh Boy

How many people have to leave thorpe before they do something about that guy

It seems as soon as someone starts working for him, they leave

Would the last (good) MA to leave the building
please turn out the lights !

Mr. Puhallo we hardly knew ye... ;(

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