The ministry must be counting on its good looks

Earlier, the Times Colonist's Jeff Rudd got the scoop on the provincial ministry of children and family development's national recruitment campaign to "staff over 100 regional (social work) positions, many of which include First Nations or Metis opportunities." Some ministry insiders question whether there are enough trained aboriginal peoples to fill those positions. But one place children and family development might want to look for candidates is the First Nations University of Canada's school of Indian social work. So it's somewhat surprising that - to-date - the ministry seems to have only given that Saskatchewan post-secondary institution a passing glace.

In an interview with Public Eye, administrative assistant Louise McCallum said contact with the ministry has been limited to an email - sent last Wednesday - notifying the school that British Columbia was looking for social workers. But Ms. McCallum hasn't yet received an advertisement to post on the school's job bulletin board. And she specifically noted the email didn't include any details on how much those jobs would pay - something she dryly said "might help" recruit First Nations University students.

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The name of the Chair of the School of Indian Social Work is Yvonne Howse.......

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