Victoria calling to the faraway towns

Earlier, the Times Colonist's Jeff Rudd reported "the provincial government is launching a national recruitment campaign this weekend, hoping to land more than 100 new social workers for British Columbia. Advertisements running in Vancouver's two daily newspapers and in the Globe and Mail this weekend say the Ministry of Children and Family Development is looking to 'staff over 100 regional positions, many of which include First Nations or Metis opportunities.''' But a number of insiders familiar with the ministry's operations wonder just how successful that campaign will be. The insiders, who spoke on condition of anonymity, noted the ministry's battered reputation may discourage out-of-province hires. And the government may find it difficult recruiting aboriginal peoples for those positions. After all, there aren't a lot of trained First Nations and Metis social workers. Moreover, in the past, there been a reluctance among members of the aboriginal community to work for government due to a history of tension between the two groups. And those who do are sometime seen as having "sold out" - although those feelings may have subsidied somewhat thanks to the ministry's moves toward aboriginal governance.


Looks like many of your Ministry Insiders are doing everything they can to undermine the recruiting effort as well.

This initiative is very good news and the negative comments are likely coming from insiders who don't like the direction in which mcfd is going re inclusion. It's far past time that Father Knows Best moved over.

There are lots of First Nations social workers across the country who might want to move to B.C. or from within small communities in B.C. to larger centers. If there are difficulties for them these might include the costs of relocating to expensive housing markets and one would hope that there will be financial assistance provided in order to do so. British Columbia has the highest cost housing market in Canada and this fact could make it difficult to achieve the goals of the advertising campaign.

I say, well done mcfd!

are you sure there are lots of first nations social workers in the country. where do you get that information. and I don't work in the ministry. Hagen and crew run a weird operation as far as I can see.

Just as a few quick examples DPL, there is a social worker programme in the Saskatewan First Nations University that has been graduating social workers for some time now; there are many Aboriginal-run children's agencies in Ontario and First Nations social services agencies across the country.

While the numbers certainly aren't equal to non-native social workers, the myth that there aren't excellent First Nations and Metis folks working in this area is just that - a myth.

I think that an issue will be what I wrote earlier - coming to B.C. is very, very expensive and they will need more than just moving expenses to make this initiative work.

Hagen is still the minister but there is a new and very dynamic deputy minister on the scene and I am confident that in a few years this ministry will be operating very well. Patience. The problems can't be resolved overnight.

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