Drafting principles

Last month, Premier Gordon Campbell told reporters "there's a good opportunity" for the provincial government to pass legislation this spring establishing an independent child and youth representative. And, according to our operatives, said bill is almost ready to be introduced - perhaps as early as today. The creation of such an office was one of the principal recommendations included in former conflict of interest commissioner Ted Hughes's independent review of British Columbia's child protection system.


Let's all watch question period today and find out

Bills don't get introduced in Question Period.

Moot point Bill. Already introduced this a.m. at 10:00. And bills can be introduced in a.m. or p.m. just prior to QP.

I misspoke, or typed. Of course bills are not introduced in question period , just as Chris has stated. Seems a lot of issues in bills of great interest tend to arrive in the afternoon rather than the morning. I would place the reply to ted Hughes as important ehought to have made th afternoon sitting. That's when the crowds are larger. So I stand corrected for a slip of the finger. Why finger? Well I type with one finger that's why.

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