Bully for Mayencourt

Most of our readers, astute and otherwise, will already be familiar with provincial Liberal backbencher Lorne Mayencourt's Safe Schools Act. That private members bill, which first appeared on the order papers prior to the last election, is meant to address "bullying, harassment, intimidation and discrimination by requiring all school boards to work with their communities to develop a code of conduct for students that is consistent with the British Columbia Human Rights Code" - according to a column written by Mr. Mayencourt for The Vancouver Sun. And the backbencher says he has now managed to convince a majority of MLAs - including members from both sides of the legislature - to vote in favour of the bill, which had its first reading on April 24.


Good for Lorne, this is good legislation and a good example of a back-bencher successfully taking on issues he believes in.

Lorne is a common whipping boy on this site for the people who hate everything Liberal and I am sure they will have lots to say about the difficulties in enforcing such a law (and there will be difficulties) but at the same time, I applaud Lorne for trying to fix what I think if many of the commentators on this site think back to their high school days is an appalling situation.

We need more MLA's like Lorne.

So is teasing harrasment? Can a seven year-old lacking the true cognitive skills of an adult make the same choices? What is the evidence that supports this idea outside of "our schools are breeding grounds for terror"? If a child breaks one of these rules how will they be punished? If they aren't punished harshly, will those who decry the young offenders act decry this as well and suggest that we get tougher on kids? I think Maynecourt is out to lunch on this one. Those who support this act are equally looney.

Who thinks this is a good idea? Is teasing harrasment? Do children have the same cognitive skills as adults do? If not, should they be held to the same standard? How do you punish a seven year-old for hurting someone's feelings? if the rules are not punitive enough, will those who decry the young offenders act make the same case for this law? Does kicking kids out of school solve any of these problems? Where is the empirical evidence to back this act up instead of relying on the "our schools are breeding grounds for terror"? This, my friends, is lunacy.

As a Vancouver MLA, Mr. Mayencourt should know every public school in the city is required to have a written Code of Conduct that covers this stuff. They all do. While the intention might be good, the reality is kids don't check the pamphlet before calling each other "gaytards."
Mayencourt's time would be better spent urging his colleagues to restore public education funding so they are adequate counsellors, supervision aides, family support workers and teachers and administrators to ensure troubled kids get the help they need.

Jorge, amigo, calmate y respira, si?

Mayencourt and bully in the same sentence?????? C'mon?! Sparring with a homeless guy or foaming at the mouth at the NPA AGM. Me thinks old Lorno needs a breather--a long one.

What a lark! May-in-court is at it again, but this time, just to prove that he can actually read a map that gets him from Vancouver Burrard to Victoria, he comes up with another paper tiger about a subject already covered by local covenants. Useless, as usual. Fartcatcher to the fringe proponents of any outerspace legislation, who knows what possessed him to come up with this one.

His is, along with other 'stellar' candidates of past and present like Pauline Jewett and Hedy Fry, one of the most windy grandstanders in B.C. political history.

With not one substantive piece of legislation under his belt, he continues to love the sound of his own voice. Unbelievable.

If I were an MLA, I would just vote for it to get him the hell out of my office!

Pssst...hey Gordo, if you have any plans of a three-peat, better get your butt in gear NOW and hit the ejection buttons for May-in-court and Jarvis. Otherwise, vibrant and important communities in the Westend (and NorthVan) will be saddled with troop ignoramus.

Wait a minute I got it?! Lorne's going to challenge a kindergarten girl to an arm wrestle and.....oh, forget it, he'll lose that for sure.

Sorry, thought if I kicked off my thinking cap that I could figure him out. Next time I'll go for the lobotomy. Probably still won't work though.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Lorne Mayencourt and the BC Liberal government for stepping up to the plate and attempting to deal with this issue.

As a parent who testified before the Safe Schools Task force, I feel that I was taken seriously.

This bill, which should pass will empower parents and students with a viable course of action to take if someone is being bullied at school.

Lorne, I cannot thank you enough.

First the beggar on the street, now the schoolyard bully. Maybe next he'll drum up some laws to go after those annoying people who talk during movies.

This government is really out of gas.

Obviously, Lorne Mayencourt brought in the Safe Schools Act to prevent and combat bullying in our schools. This legislation, I think is a direct result of a student who committed suicide after a constant barrage of bullying and teasing. Children or teens who bully usually learn this behavior from adults. Perhaps this Act will ensure Adults think twice before teaching their children that hate or racism is acceptable in our schools. To the adult poster who made the comment about gaytard, really this is a homophobic comment and I feel deep pity for you. To the other posters who are being critical of Mr. Mayencourt for no apparent reason, I wonder if in fact you are closet homophobes.

This bill needs to include bullying based on socio-economic basis as well. Students who come from impoverished homes are also targets of discrimination. If it is not included then students bullied on this basis will not have recourse under this pending legislation.

The Human Rights Code of BC is lacking in this area as well. Because of this, the Human Rights Code of BC has fallen short of other provinces Human Rights codes.

If this is rectified, it will be a step in the right direction and will assure that children from inpoverished homes will be protected from harassment because they didn't have enough to eat or couldn't offord the field trips or the 'right clothes' etc etc.

C. Langhjelm

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