A sight to behold

Former provincial Liberal backbencher Sheila Orr will soon be breaking bread with New Democrat leader Carole James. But that privilege isn't going to come cheap. In an interview with your humble organ, Ms. Orr confirmed she and local philanthropist Donna Thomas are paying $300 to schmooze with Ms. James in the legislative dining room. That was the final price tag of "A Bite with Carol" - one of the auction items at a April 1 fundraiser for the Citizens Counselling Centre. Said Ms. Orr, "It's a great organization to support. They actually give services - counselling services - to people who can't afford to pay a counsellor. So, for $10, you get to go see a counsellor. And, as far as I'm concerned, this was a non-partisan event." Ms. Orr added she wouldn't be providing any free political counselling services to Ms. James during their meal.


Maybe Sheila will be giving pointers to Carole James on how to run a successful campaign. After all Sheila can point to her recent stunning success in Saanich Gulf Islands or the nail biter in Victoria Hillside in 2005. I can just imagine the conversation "Carol darling, you have to make sure you have the right furniture for the office, we must be stylish you know".

I understand that Sheila will be commenting about the great political advice she has received from Jamie Elmhirst (formerly known as the lobbyist from Pilothouse...no wait formerly the lobbyist from K&E ...no wait....)

Perhaps Jamie will now be angling to work with Sheila Orr!!

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