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Yesterday, provincial New Democrat MLA Maurine Karagianis wondered aloud why government relations consultant Michael Geoghegan can report to have a "high level of access to decision-makers and opinion leaders within the government" which he uses "get results that others can't" even though he's not registered as a lobbyist. But, in an interview with your humble organ, Mr. Geoghegan explained he recently tried to get a hold of the lobbyist registrar: "I phoned twice and emailed them last week and have yet to hear from a living person in that department. Is anyone still working there? Cause I'm singularly unimpressed with their inability to get back to anyone who leaves a message with them."


Hah hah, I'll just wait for Budd Campbell to pop by.

Maybe Geoghegan should have allegedly bribed public officials, and paid cash for football games THEN the NDP would not be interested in him.

Imagine that, Geoghegan has the temerity to have a code of conduct on his website - now that's a scandal!

who is the brainiac that is advising the ndp on question period prep? attacking somebody who has a code of conduct on their website?? poor geogeghan, no matter what he does he gets crapped on. some advice for you mike, grease some palms, apologize for your indiscretions (blame the minorities), and you will come out smelling like roses - you may even get to retire to one of the gulf islands or, better yet, practice law at a prestigious law firm in downtown toronto.

That's the trouble with these so-called lobbyists such as Geoghegan. Spend two years
as an Ministerial Assistant and they think they are God's gift to the citizens.

If anyone needs something from the government there's two things available and they're free

(a) The government's website

(b) The local MLA's phone number.

High level decision makers are MLA's and Ministers. Each has a local office.

Use it.

Someone should tell Geoghegan that he can register online:

No need to wait for anyone to return a phone call.

why doesn't the NDP try to bring forward a bill that would mirror the federal conservatives bill on lobbyist?

wouldn't the conservatives in campbells government have to take notice? it seems to me that the lobbyist industry in bc needs a massive overhaul and the time is right.

Everything in BC now must be done on line.

What kind of shabby ministerial assistant was he if he doesn't know that?

Re: Comments posted by David M., B.Linden, & Jim

Mike, stop posting and start registering.

Please be real. My name is NOT Mike. Interesting how people on this site continue to make assumptions rather than deal with the facts.

Lobbiest? What the bloody hell are the NDP talking about. Who really needs to be registered. The bloody NDP are regularily lobbied by the blood sucking unions and surly they are not lobbiests.


Mike Geoghegan, is, ... well, ... er, ... a British Columbia original, kind of like his mentor and patron Bill Barlee.

Mike's been advertising the idea that he has influence with all kinds of people for years. In fact, even after he had switched sides to the BC Liberals, and Campbell had come to power, he still had photos on his website showing himself schmoozing with Mike Harcourt and other NDP heavyweights. Geoghegan wants to be seen as someone who's been in the company of larger players than himself.

All in all, I wonder why it took this long for someone to see the lobbyist registration angle? Hell, I didn't even see it myself, but I should have.

Dana asked--

"What kind of shabby Ministerial Assistant was if he doesn't know that?"


One who leaves all the non-high level accessing (ie. the real work) to his asistant-assistants, perhaps?


Once again unlike most of you folks who lack the cajones to do so, I only post under my own name, and second of all hi Budd thanks for the posting I was starting to think you were no longer obsessing over me.

Let me see. Mike Geoghegan, who blew his BCCA job obsessing over Jenny Kwan thinks I am obsessing over him. Sounds reasonable.

And I have to admit there is some truth to it, in as much as I do object to the approach to BC politics that Geoghegan not only represents but perpetuates.

Well Budd if you have the jam to do so I would be happy to meet with you face to face.

You have my email address so you can drop me a line. Or are you to scared to do anything other than snipe from the shadows?

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