Three's Company?

Last week, we reported on the appointment of Ken Dobell, the premier's former deputy minister, as one of the Law Society of British Columbia's six lay benchers. Lay benchers, who are chosen by cabinet, are supposed to "bring a public viewpoint" to the work of society. And, over the years, that esteemed club has included a number of headlining names. For example, Canadian journalism icon Patrick Nagle, who passed away suddenly this January, was named to the society's board of directors in 2002. And famed broadcaster Jack Webster did an eight-year stint as a lay bencher. So one wonders, then, what these two late journalism greats would have thought about Mr. Dobell - who has been a staunch champion of "media fishing expenditions" and the province's freedom of information laws - carrying the same torch they once held at the society?

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The noun, juxtaposition instantly comes to mind.

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