Sooner rather than later

Yesterday, Premier Gordon Campbell told reporters "there's a good opportunity" for the provincial government to pass legislation this spring establishing an independent child and youth representative. But drafting that bill might take some time. And that has some Rockpile denziens discussing the possibility the present legislative session could be extended by two weeks to accomodate that process. But senior operatives on both side of the house assure us that, at this moment in time, such discussions are "purely speculative."


Isn't it funny how items that don't directly or indirectly invole Mark Marissen rarely ever generate any comments.

or JR.

The premier went on and on about how Ted Hughes was supportive. No matter who asked him or questioned the Soliciter general about all those files stored somewhere. Let's not look back or we did the best for children. Hughes thought otherwise. My god he must have messed up the script as he never mentioned the fast ferries even once. After question period up pops DeJong to tell those left watching that the new standing committee is a done deal. Gordo just has to be the big guy but hasn't got the intestinal fortitude to admit he screwed up. and of course this has nothing to do with Marissen. One hopes the medai does as Ted suggested. They keep an eye on the processes as they unfold.

I guess we will have to wait and see. They knew they were going to be held responsible when Ted Hughes wrote his report. Get the committee up and running and legislation should flow rather rapidly especailly as Ted told the media to keep an eye on the process.

Good point about the 90s, DL. We keep hearing about how bad things were in the past and how glorious they will be in the future under the grand *Vision* that they've been going on about for four years now and that will never be achieved.

Government never wants to talk about what a crummy job they're doing right here and now!

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