If at first you don't succeed

Earlier, we exclusively reported on attempts by the B.C. Road Builders and Heavy Construction Industry Association to seed an Astroturf movement that could "sway public and political opinion in support of the government's transportation programs." And it looks like those attempts continue. In a letter sent to fellow travellers, association president Jack Davidson encourages them to "join our growing coalition" - attaching an application form which the road builders forgot to include in their first mailout. The following is a complete copy of that letter.

April 18, 2006

Dear Mr.

Earlier last month I wrote asking you to consider our new Livable BC Coalition. When a project is this important, I don't mind writing again to ask for your support.

British Columbia's future prosperity is tied to the growth of the three major Asia Pacific economies. China is our third largest trading partner and it's economy is booming. India's economy is the fastest growing economy in the world and Japan has now emerged from its' recent recession.

The growth in these economies translates into business opportunities and thousands of jobs for British Columbia. This growth will take place with or without our participation. Unless our pots and transportation infrastructure keeps pace and business throughout the province are able to move raw materials, finished goods and their people economically we will lose our share of these opportunities.

Traffic congestion is becoming intolerable. For a businessman to attend a meeting, where it once took minutes to drive across town, it now takes hours. What has happened to the quality of life for our employees who because of traffic congestion have less quality time with their families? And we all suffer from air pollution and high freight prices caused by transport trucks idling in stalled traffic.

If you are in support of keeping BC building and our transportation systems efficient and competitive, I encourage you to join our growing coalition. Please complete the enclosed fax reply form and we will add you to the Coalition database.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 604-436-0220.


Jack Davidson

(Logos: Construction Safety Network, Business Council of British Columbia, Western Canada Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association, Canadian Construction Association)

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So if the Road builders are wanting support for their cause, why not?

Better than sending money to the NDP.

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