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It's going to take more than prayers to fix the ministry of children and family development. But it seems somehow appropriate that, last Thursday, Victoria's old Metropolitan United Church (now the Alix Goolden Performance Hall) played host to a scratch and sniff session between a couple hundred of the ministry's headquarters staff and their new boss, former international contractor of mystery (Public Eye passim) Lesley du Toit. As expected, Ms. du Toit spent much of that session discussing her past and the future of children and family development. But there was also the hint of a suggestion that those who don't want to be part of the reform process at the ministry might want to consider opportunities in other parts of government. Meanwhile, in related news, we're told Ms. du Toit will be attending her first ministry executive meeting on Wednesday.


"...those who don't want to be part of the reform process at the ministry might want to consider opportunities in other parts of government..."

How refreshing! That's exactly what Doug Walls was telling everyone five years ago.

Re the suggestion the Ms du Toit encouraged individuals to move on if they couldn't support the "vision" for mcfd's future, what I understood her to say is quite different. I believe that she said that individuals not comfortable with where she wanted to take mcfd could expect support in finding another position elsewhere in government.

What is the difference, and find support and encouraged.Sounds like more of the same bs.

Thanks for that very obvious distinction, Claire!

How refreshing, though! That's exactly what everyone was told four years ago at the start of this whole process. And that's exactly what we;ve been told every time anyone tried to suggest things might not be going quite as smoothly as they'd like to suggest. It's also exactly what they said when we warned that the problem wasn't so much *their* vision but the fact that it lacked any foundation in reality, that it was therefore unable to meet *our* needs and the needs of vulnerable children, youth and adults, and that it was just making things even worse instead of better in the actual implementation.

How very reassuring to see that nothing has been learned in four years. It's still "My way or the highway"; "The train has left the station, if you're not on board, you're in the way", etc, etc.

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