The World According to Garth

Federal Conservative bacbencher Garth Turner has found another cause celebre in British Columbia. According to our operatives, Mr. Turner - who loudly criticized Vancouver-Kingsway MP David Emerson's defection to the Tories - has agreed to be the star attraction at a fundraiser for Fair Voting BC. That's the group campaigning for the use of a single-transferable vote system in the next provincial election. A date for that event hasn't yet been set. In January, former Reform leader Preston Manning attented a similar fundraiser for the organization.


If the Tories think they will win a majority next go around, with candidates like Garth Turner, they can forget it.

Weird. Why do the right-og-centre politicos really want this STV anyways? First it was the BC Liberals and now thew federal Tories. Obviously this is no coincidence.

Well, there's a whole bunch of unelectable wannabes who want to run under the BC Conservative Party banner in order to pretend that this party is part of the federal party.

The BC Reform Party opposed STV although they could probably win seats in this system.

Funny, the CA where drilled as to why you don't see STV in many countries? because politicians hate it, really? well we have been seeing our fair share of pro-STV politicans popping up here and there haven't we? maybe this should help the regular joe to figure it out. KNOW-STV

Knowing STV is knowing that STV does not mean the compulsory acceptance of regional multiple member ridings. In other words, STV can easily work in single member ridings. What the Citizens Assembly did was accept the Irish model, which works in Ireland, but may not work here.

Australia on the other hand has single member ridings where STV is used.

Support STV but only if it is applied to single member ridings.

STV with single member ridings is actually called AV (alternative vote) and yes is used in Australia, we've actually used this system in B.C. in the early 50's where we saw the birth of the Socreds in B.C., W.A.C. promtly switched the system back to FPTP which believe it or not can be more proportional than AV.

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