Rick Mowles's long-lost big brother

It looks like Stan Hagen will have at least one eyeball trained on our good friends at Community Living British Columbia, the independent authority responsible for providing services to the developmentally disabled. Today, the public service agency announced the ministry of children and family development would be hiring a senior bureaucrat to "monitor, evaluate, and make recommendations to manage the accountabilities of CLBC to the Minister of MCFD." According to that job description, the successful candidate will be required to "identify emerging issues with provincial implications" at the authority, assess their "public impact or political ramifications and alert the necessary stakeholders" - among other duties. An internal competition for that director-level job is being held, with the closing date set for May 11. One wonders if the ministry already has someone in mind for the position?


Note to Premier Campbell: please, please, please fire Hagen and banish him to the backbenches, where he belongs (along with Jarvis)!

We cannot win the next election with such candidates!

The whole pretense that devolution was ever really about "community governance" is getting shakier as the leash gets shorter, huh?

Why now, though? Is this part of the same plan that saw Ms MacPhail moving on to make way for the installation of the Premier's consultant as the new Deputy and does it signal tighter control from the Minister or tighter control from his boss?

Or are the politicos worrying that they may not be getting the full story from the folks at CLBC (as in the recent story about all the happy families and happy kids over at CLBC)?

Or are they worried that the Opposition might turn their attention to digging holes on the CLBC side of the Ministry, now that Mr Hughes has reported and affirmed much of what Mr Dix claimed went wrong on the child protection side?

Or is it just nervousness that the rubber is finally about to hit the road in the coming year or so as we enter Year Five of the latest Endless Bureaucratic Restructuring process and CLBC finally attempts to implement Doug Walls' service model, while trying to deliver on all their Cadillac promises with a sub-compact budget?

Having had a look at the salary offered it doesn't appear that they are looking for a SENIOR bureaucrat - this isn't a typical salary for that level.

The announcement also confirms that now we have another new bureaucracy (MCFD's CLBC Branch) to watch over the new CLBC bureaucracy!

Whatever happened to Doug Walls' promise that the CLBC model would produce 20% cost savings by eliminating all the bureaucrats?

No wonder so many people are being told Sorry, CLBC has no money to provide the services they need and frontline staff are having their caseloads doubled!

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