Lowered expectations

Yesterday, David Schreck opined on Strategic Thoughts that "when the BC Legislature resumes sitting after a two week recess" on Monday "there will only be 16 sitting days remaining in the spring session, and rumours have it that there may not be a fall sitting, despite the 'Parliamentary Calendar.' Unless the Campbell administration comes up with some surprises in the next four weeks, the first full session after the May 2005 election might go down as one of the dullest on record." But, according to our Rockpile operatives, the Liberals don't have many bills left in the can. And what they do have will be likely rolled out next week, completing the Campbell administration's spring legislative package.

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It was a big deal when a legislative calendar was set up. Would make things smoother to plan ahead and all that. Are there no pressing issues to discuss or is Gordon so convinced the other side of the house is just an incovenience, by asking questions, and questioning the practices of the New Era gang? We hear stories from the "other side" that must concern us all.

I might suggest that medical waiting lists, shortage of family doctors and the need to spend hours in an emergency room might be some issues to discuss. The current health minister keeps saying we have the best system. The premier went to tour parts of Europe. Will he not be telling us, the great unwashed what he found ? Is there some direction we are heading with Stan Hagen's screwed up Ministry. I figure they could keep pretty busy with a few more items as well.

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