Walking the line

Due to an increasing number of inappropriate postings, we will now be moderating the comments section of Public Eye. That means some messages may not always be immediately be published, while others will appeared in an edited form. Our apologies for having to take this step. The intent isn't to stifle debate but rather keep a modicum of decorum on the site. This policy will continue for the foreseeable future.


Can't blame you, Sean. There are some real nutbars out there. I'm thinking of doing the same thing over at LP.com.


It all looks like fun until someone gets hurt! Too many people posting on this website are still running with scissors. Boneheads.

As a start to better debate or comments, why not a group agreement to ignore posts by anyone not willing to use a real name, or offer a one-sentence explanation of why they wish to remain anonymous. (They're afraid of work reprisals, or something similar.)
It seems ridiculous for people to routinely hide behind fake names, even for the most mundane posts.

Sad, but necessary. Keep up the good work Sean.

I agree, sad, but necessary. Good work, Sean.

It is sad that there are people who don't know how to comunicate effectivly and resort to name calling and threats to get their point accross. What ever happened to respectful dialogue?

Posting with my real name goes a long way to moderating my tone! It is a shame that we can't debate the issues without resorting to name-calling. Of course, if you all knew what I REALLY thought of Tieleman... :)

I'm so happy to hear this. Those idiots who resort to name calling hide behind a veil of secrecy. Its so easy to smear someone anonymously but its quite another thing to debate intelligently.

Bravo o Sean!

Jamie Lee

I agree that something needed to be done about the comments here. Mind you, not all of the inappropriate comments came from people using pseudonyms.... ;)

Wise decision Sean, thanks but in response to Paul Willcocks, I very much doubt that some very important issues would be shared here if some folks in the know were required to give their real names.

Besides which, how could Sean or anyone else know if someone is or is not using their real name??

I wholeheartedly endorse Paul Wilcocks' suggestion. Sean, as someone who recently endured a great deal of abuse from anonymous cowards on this site, I must say this is a most welcome new policy. Keep up the great work.

Good Stuff!

For the anon who was worried people would not share "important issues" if they had to be public, just send it to Sean so he can publish it if it's legit.

A very sensible move and I also support Paul Willcock's suggestion that people post under their real names with real e-mail addresses as I have just done here.

Those that are unwilling to post under their real names usually have nothing intelligent or credible to say.

Great idea to post email addresses Mike, especially for those who want to promote their consulting businesses and share photos of themselves with all the politicians ;)

For my part, I'm extremely pleased to see that at last we've found some way to moderate Erin Airton's tone! If only 24 hours could do the same thing!

Let's take it a step further Mike, I just signed into the typekey service that Sean has a link to. That's one step further to get rid of the sock puppets.

That's @#&$#$@#@

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