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Earlier, we reported Premier Gordon Campbell's security blanket (Public Eye passim) Ken Dobell had been appointed to the Law Society of British Columbia's board of directors. At the time, we noted Mr. Dobell has ample experience with the laws of the land - especially the legislation governing freedom of information requests. Back in 2003, the former civil service head disclosed he "now rarely writes notes of meetings and rapidly deletes most of his e-mails...to avoid having internal e-mails caught up in media fishing expeditions." But, when asked about Mr. Dobell's past deletion policy, law society public affairs manager Brad Daisley noted, "We've got very specific rules and policies governing retention of documents and information. And all benchers (are required to) follow those."

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Ironic thou that BC citizens personal info is stored in USA where identiy theft is rift (as in ABS..Accenture Business Services...happened in Chicalgo). Do not really know how we got here but we need honesty and constituent concerns and return to social contracts with big biz.

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