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Earlier, we reported rumours the premier's international contractor of mystery (Public Eye passim), Lesley du Toit, had signed a four year contract to serve as the deputy minister of children and family development. And what's that we see, gracing the front page of the ministry's Website? Why, it's an information bulletin announcing Ms. du Toit has "committed to a long-term appointment in this position of at least four years." Funny old world eh?


There is no rumour,seems the lady just got hired

And she isn't here to just give advice. Make no mistake about this, she is here to provide a response to the Hughes report and to justify why a devolution of the child welfare system will happen within the next four years. Circle of Courage and all that jazz.

From the most up to date MCFD Resource Summary, we can see FTE's go from 2804 in the 2007/08 fiscal year down to 1256, a loss of 1548 FTE's in 2008/09 fiscal year.

The Liberals silence in response to Hughes panel has been deafening, but they were waiting for their gold plated ringer to wrap up the "regionalization" in a nice little package for them. Gordo and his gang of merry thieves have learned NOTHING from what Hughes has said. Don't forget, Jane Morley used to be considered a most ethical, reputable & respected person in her field
too. Hughes was very gentle and respectful in his treatment of her, she didn't deserve it. While she was well compensated for watching the gutting of the CW system a generation of children and youth have been lost. She squandered her obligation and duty to be their voice. Will Lesley Du Toit do the same? I hope she will consider where things are at for the children, youth and families in this province. Will she be part of the solution, or create more bloody problems, marginalization and pain? It's up to her and the rest of us to keep "speaking truth to power" so these clowns will listen and fix things.

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