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As we have already reported ad nauseum, international contractor of mystery (Public Eye passim) Lesley du Toit has been providing Gordon Campbell with "advice on transforming services for children and youth in British Columbia" for the past two months. And increasingly solid rumours are afoot that she'll be appointed deputy minister of children and family development tomorrow. But here's something to consider: if Ms. du Toit, a South African national, isn't applying for permanent resident status, wouldn't she need a work permit to be under contract with the government? And, as some of our astute readers may know, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada has the authority to deny permit applications if a "permanent resident could fill the job." But perhaps, like the premier, the federal government believes there's no one in the entire country who can fix our childcare system?


Dont assume she isn't applying for permanent residence then.

Too sad to be funny, this play is now becoming a farcical tragedy.

A new Deputy Minister would have responsibility for the entire MCFD mandate, of which we often forget that child protection is but one of three major components.

The other key areas are community living, which faces enormous challenges in the next few years as it struggles to develop and implement Doug Walls' new models for governance and service delivery on a still much-reduced budget, and the other major area includes early childhood development & many critical intervention services & supports for children and youth with special needs (i.e. those not now indefinitely split off and parked over at Community Living BC.)

Both will present significant challenges to a new Deputy. An outsider's fresh eyes may not be a bad thing at all, but it will require skill and understanding of all these areas, not just child protection.

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