Dobell to advise law society on freedom of information act?

Guess who's joining the Law Society of British Columbia's governing body? Why it's none other than the Gordon Campbell's favourite security blanket Ken Dobell, who is presently working as a special advisor to the premier. Of course, few would question Mr. Dobell's qualifications for that posting. After all, as Premier Campbell's former deputy minister, he has ample experience with the laws of the land - especially the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. To wit, during a September 2003 conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of that legislation, Mr. Dobell told attendees that he "now rarely writes notes of meetings and rapidly deletes most of his avoid having internal e-mails caught up in media fishing expeditions" - this, according to report by The Times Colonist's Judith Lavoie. Subsequently, Sandy Santori, the then minister responsible for the freedom of information act, told Ms. Lavoie he would be talking to Mr. Dobell about his deletion policy noting, "The legislation is very clear that e-mails are documents of record and they should be treated accordingly...I will refresh his memory today."


Interesting to note that Kathryn Dawson now handles the appointments for this government.
She was working with the Ralph Klein government before joining the Libs in opposition and continued working with them in government.

What happened to Liz Watson?

Too funny, this play is turning into a farce!

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