The silent majority?

Earlier, your humble organ reported some advocates have been gnashing their teeth about a decision to continue providing services for special needs children through Community Living British Columbia. But it seems not everyone is displeased with that decision. In an interview with your humble organ, the authority's communitions director Sally Greenwood said "We have certainly made a number of calls to the stakeholders this week and spoke directly with them. And, as well, we had a meeting of the children's transformation working group which consists of representatives from many of the service delivery groups and the major organizations throughout the province. And the information (about keeping special needs children services at the authority) was well-received."

And what about concerns that the decision goes against the Gove inquiry's recommendation "to bring all provincial child welfare responsibilities together into one provincial authority?" Responded Ms. Greenwood, "I suppose what we're trying to do here for the families and parents of children with special needs and disabilities is to ensure that they have access to service through one organization. And that's exactly what we're able to do."

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...which just goes to show that a good flack can trump reality every time.

Ms Greenwood might have mentioned that the CLBC Chair, CEO and Board members heard these concerns loud and clear from BC FamilyNet, a provincial advocacy group representing families, in a one-on-one meeting just yesterday.

She might have mentioned that the "Transformation Working Group" is a hand-picked internal advisory group that has no mandate from either families or most agencies who serve children to represent their concerns to CLBC.

She might have mentioned that CLBC's mandate specifically excludes many of the children who are currently receiving those services (including mine!), so for an underfunded agency that can't even meet basic needs among its core group, the odds on maintaining service to our kids over the long term are slim to none. And if thousands of parents aren't jumping up and down about this yet, that would be simply because neither the Ministry nor CLBC has bothered to mention this or a host of other similarly thorny unresolved issues to them.

CLBC is intimately aware of the many unresolved community and expert concerns that have dogged their efforts to get hold of these dollars for over four years, as was acknowledged by Ms. Greenwood's bosses yesterday. It continues to deal with the problem as it deals with everything else--to simply ignore the concerns and hire more flacks.

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