Emergency crews already on the scene

An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale has hit the offices of the government's provincial emergency program. According to our operatives, the epicentre of the quake was none other than the program's executive director Bob Bugslag, who will no longer be working for government - effective immediately. An email notification about that personnel change was distributed late yesterday. And program staff were personally informed this morning by deputy solicitor general David Morhart. Mr. Bugslag, who is known for his aggressive management style, will be replaced on an acting basis by deputy emergency program director Cam Filmer. No word yet on the reason for Mr. Bugslag's departure.


Cam's a real good guy. A real PEP-er. Emergency preparedness is in good hands.

Cam is the best person for the Exec. Dir. job.
The former Director who became "Executive" Director after winning the competition had a very aggressive management style.

Bob Bugslag was an excellent leader and manager. He got the job done all the time and he always made sure it was done right and the best. Cam Filmer and Bob Bugslag are close friends, and Bob couldn't agree more that Cam will do a great job. Bob was very professional, and his team followed him in that suit. He helped the province more then we will ever respect him for. Koodos to Bob and good luck to Cam!

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