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It seems reports that the Campbell administration's open cabinet meetings are dead may have been greatly exaggerated. Last week, the province's public affair bureau posted a request for proposal on BC Bid seeking "an experienced full-service Contractor for planning, facilitating, and providing television coverage of open cabinet meetings (the Events) at locations throughout the Province of British Columbia...It is anticipated that the Contract term will be from contract signing to March 31, 2007 with three one-year options to renew at the sole discretion of the Province." Those competing for the contract have been asked to provide fixed prices for filming meetings at the legislature, as well as in Vancouver, Kelowna and Prince George - suggesting the government may be taking it's show on the road.

But, before television viewers get too excited, it's important to note the proposal also states the bureau "is unable to provide Proponents with an estimated number of Events that may occur during the term of the Contract. Proponents are advised to consider that in a single year, as few as no Events may be held, or as many as four could be held. PAB does not guarantee that any Events will be held during the term of the Contract." During the 2001 election, the Liberals promised to hold open cabinet meetings "at least once a month." But the last such meeting occurred on January 26, 2005.


Those so-called "Open Cabinet Meetings" were just an entertainment show for the political hacks. The meeting was obviously carefully controlled, and scripted. Did not have the strength of a real Cabinet Meeting. It was
more of a summary then detailed aspects.

The content was just what the Premier's Office
wanted to people to hear. Not the things that
actually went on.

But the BC Liberals did hold Open Cabinet Meetings once a month.

Consider that Cabinet Ministers are sworn to secrecy when it comes to cabinet decisions and meetings.

The BC Liberals would show some leadership and do British Columbians a favour if they let "open cabinet" die a deserved death. It was, after all, a pre-2001 election campaign promise -- and, for better or worse, it was kept. So move on now.

The media basically gave open cabinet a free ride, since the BC Liberals were smart enough to drop an occasional announcement during the sessions. The scripted meetings, however, provided no service to the rest of us; the chief beneficiary appeared to be Pro Show, who pocketed a very nice cheque.

If the government brings open cabinet back, it's a thumb in the eye to the public. Let's see if the BC Liberals have learned anything.

Well they did keep their promise for Open Cabinet meetings.

Not as entertaining as "Talk to The Premier" on CKNW featuring Bill VanderZalm.

That was entertainment.

The BC Liberal "Open Cabinet" Meetings were as boring as watching Donald Trump score another
deal or the candidates on The Apperentice actually showing some real business work ethics.

The Constituency Report is also boring. It's a
staged carefully scripted presentation. Didn't
used to be when it originally came out.

The BC Liberal Party is boring as well. No
motivation for the volunteers to get involved
other than going to big money bun toss events
to watch others trying to look important.

The Vegas line on Pro Show being awarded this contract is 1-1.

Now Communications ( is a 100-1 shot....

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