Put out to (administer) the pasture?

Earlier, The Surrey Leader's Jeff Nagel reported South Surrey-White Rock MLA Gordon Hogg was "actively campaigning" on behalf of Doug McCallum to get the former Surrey mayor a provincial patronage appointment. And now we're hearing rumours that job may be a seat on the Agricultural Land Commission's South Coast panel. After all, Walter Dyck, Peter Dhillon and Carol Paulson's terms on that panel are set to expire on May 1 - potentially opening up a spot for Mr. McCallum if one of them isn't re-appointed. But, in an interview with your humble organ, the would-be federal Conservative candidate said, "I've met with them. And we're still working through it. But certainly it's not the agricultural land commission."


Oh Doug, puhleeeeze leave barnston island alone...

"And we're still working through it. But certainly it's not the agricultural land commission."

Can anyone believe this guy? "I've got people
working on a government appointment for me, but the appointment isn't with the Agricultral Land Commission".

Why doesn't Doug read between the lines and get out of politics?

why would dougy leave barnston island alone? a good protion of the island is owned by the Tsakumis development family who will add to their huge fortune by getting it out of alr. alex tsakumis is a darling of this website askhim? dougys campaign was bigtime funded by the tsakumis's and so they get their victoria pals to appointing their buddy dougy to help them out. its as clear as all the dead birds and environmental damage a bridge to barnston and development there will cause.

Interesting to hear this in the same week that Dave Basi was charged with taking a bribe in exchange for influencing the ALC to remove land from the ALR for a proposed development. Of course it's been denied that Basi was in any position to influence decisions of the ALC. But the story could show that the BC Rail shenanigan was just one example of a much wider pattern of behaviour in the BC government.

My guess is that if there was a discussion about McCallum receiving a seat on the ALC, they may now be looking for an appointment to somewhere else, given that the ALC is currently getting a bit more media attention than usual.

Heaven help us. The damage done to Surrey with the over development is already an eyesore and still continues. Don't let him near the ALR!!
Sounds like another pay off/patronage appointment if this goes through. This must stop. McCallum would be the worst thing for Barnston if this happens.

Some Liberals/SET just don't get it when they get turfed. Now they try and come in through the back door via special appointments by the govt.


i cant think of a worse person to be on the ALR

save barnston island for goodness sake, one last refuge of tranquility, and viable farmland

save us from doug mccallum!

I heard Amar Randhawa was lobbying hard to be appointed to the ALR...he is also very close to Carol Taylor and hopping that she can put in a good word.

It will be interesting since Amar worked on Doug's municipal election campaign.

If it is between Amar and Doug, I would take Doug on the ALR.

sent today to the Minister

Hon. Pat Bell MLA

Minister of Agriculture and Foods

Dear Sir:

I was deeply disturbed to read in our local newspaper that Doug McCallum has been put forward as a candidate for appointment to the South Coast Panel of the Agricultural Land Commission.

On behalf of the Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition, a citizen environmental group with a large membership base in Surrey and a very active agriculture campaign, I strenuously oppose this nomination.

Gordon Hogg is quoted as saying that Surrey's former mayor has a lot of experience. That is true - it is just not the kind of experience we should be giving influence over our future food security. Let’s face it, his track record isn't exactly honorable. Just ask the 75% of Grandview Heights residents who's opposition to big box development he ignored. Ask local residents who watched his administration pave over endangered species habitat in Campbell Heights. Or ask the sexual harassment victims on City Staff whose complaints he attempted to block from investigation.

Surrey’s Official Community Plan requires that for every acre of land taken out of the Agricultural Land Reserve, one will be added. Yet during the McCallum administration 30 acres were taken out and not so much as a blade of grass added.

Doug McCallum knows how government works all right; especially how to make it work for developers. We cannot afford to have people with such strong development bias entrusted with our farmland.

With a shameful record of approving 70% of exclusion applications, recent allegations of real or attempted political interference in Sooke ALR exclusions and concerns about Liberal campaign manager Peter Dhillon's appointment and function on the ALC South Coast Panel, Doug McCallum's nomination makes the Agricultural Land Commission look more and more like a political pork barrell land bank for developers, not the farmland protection institution British Columbians expect it to be.


Donna Passmore

Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition

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