The business of government?

Over the weekend, The Surrey Leader's Jeff Nagel reported South Surrey-White Rock MLA Gordon Hogg was "actively campaigning" on behalf of Doug McCallum to get the former Surrey mayor a provincial patronage appointment. Said the caucus chair, "He has enormous experience at both the local and the regional level...We have a number of agencies, boards and commissions that for a number of those he would be a logical one to assist." In an interview with your humble organ, Mr. Hogg confirmed Mr. McCallum approached him about seeking an appointment - which some of our more astute readers may find a bit odd. The reason: after failing in his bid to seek a federal Conservative nomination in the last election, the former mayor told Public Eye "I think I've had my fill of politics for the next little while. So I think I'm going to go back and look at some business opportunities."


No TransLink gig, electoral boundary commission's out, what's left for King Doug?

Got just the thing for ol' Doug. Based on his
previous experiences. Think of him saying this
to someone:

"yes ma'am, my bus does go along 104th to 152nd.
I'll make sure you're able to get off at the right stop. There's a seat right over there if you'd like to take it. I'll be leaving the bus loop in jsut a few minutes.

"I'm sorry lady, that transfer has now expired.
Two twenty five, please.."

Not one of Gordy's more intelligent choices of hills to die on......

McCallum should buck off and milk some hefers in the fields. About his speed. And he should take Judy Wigglebottom with him.

Dianne Watts is the best thing going. Smart, articulate, sexy.

SET is finished.

You watch.

What's even more perplexing is the fact that Hogg is standing up for a guy who got waxed 3-1 by voters in Gordie's south Surrey riding. This may cost him votes!

If you're reading this Gordy, I think you should take a breather on this one pal.

McCallum is roundly reviled in your constituency, wake up, Hoggtastic is right on. Doug is always going to be damaged goods, his performance (if I can call it that) during the campaign was pathetic.

Drop this guy Gordy, drop him like a bad habit.

You deserve a good cabinet spot. Christ, if Gordo's given one to Hagen, he'll give one to anyone! But you deserve it, don't you think?

Well then act like it.

Smell the coffee yet?

"Dianne Watts is ... sexy" - Once Again

Good looking, maybe. But sexy??

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