E minus K and other algebraic equations

Yesterday, we reported K&E Public Affairs Inc.'s Website went down. And now we've learned the company is closing its doors. Brian Kieran, who just last week handed the mantle of senior partner to Jamie Elmhirst, will be - for all intents and purposes - retiring to Pender Island. And Mr. Elmhirst will be continue as a government relations consultant on his own hook.


The only ethical thing left to do for Jamie is to resign as President of LPCBC.

Why should Jamie Elmhirst resign as President?

Elmhirst is nobody in this game.


please explain why Jamie Elmhirst should resign as President of LPCBC...it seems like an odd thing to suggest. Are you suggesting that Jamie has done anything unethical?

'Once again', I agree: Elmhirst is a nobody.

As far as I am concerned he is part and parcel of the whole Pilothouse mess.

Good Bye and Good Riddance. Spiderman leaves his mark once again.

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