The end of the line?

Earlier, we exclusively reported K&E Public Affairs Inc.'s announcement to friends and associates that the company had "embarked on an internal transition that will mark the beginning of Brian Kieran's preparations for inevitable retirement from government relations." That announcement came just days before the release of search warrant documents alleging the OmniTRAX Inc. lobbyist - who has not been charged with any wrongdoing - gave former ministerial assistant David Basi $3,000 to cover the cost of a November 2002 trip to "meet with officials from (the company) and attend a football game" in Denver, Colorado. And now some of our astute readers note K&E's Website is down. Technical issues?


Mark these words.

K&E is no more.

They are done. You'll see soon enough

Why aren't Bornmann and Kieran being charged? What credible witnesses the pilothouse boys will be against Basi.

because it's easier to target the coloured guy.

Targetting the coloured guy??? The two developers charged with slipping Basi $50,000 are WHITE.

Dave, stop posting!

All this race chatter makes me wonder if we're going to be treated to another Geoghegan-Nagra-Dhanowa press conference.

screw the mexicans - that's the RCMP motto

Does anyone really think that the politicians that were directly responsible for these political minions had no knowledge of what was going on with this corruption? These guys needed cooperation at the top to be so bold. Please!

Was there any coincidence when Ministers: Collins, Clarke & Reid jumped ship shortly after the Raid? Please!

Campbell is carefully choosing his words when he says that he has been advised that no person presently involved in government is involved. The operative word is "presently".

Ethnic bias? I don't buy into that. This scenario exposed, in part, is all about bad boys & girls getting caught in their undercover games greased by greed.

This bunch got caught but be assured there are similar deals happening as we speak; different players - different details - same game. Some of the circles have been playing their games for quite some time - they just haven't been outed - YET.

It's time to uncover all of the dirt. The public deserves to see the truth.

Kieran is an arrogant prick that deserves what he gets. Having said that however, I have no doubt that his loyalty to the "cause" will be handsomly rewarded down the road.

So I guess Christi's hubby gets a pass. No mentioned of any of the warrants used to gain access to his records.

" ... another Geoghegan-Nagra-Dhanowa press conference"

I don't know what memories others have, nor do I know who Nagra and Dhanowa are. But Mike Geoghegan is one of the most unreliable, non-credible, untalented people in the overall world of BC politics. That Mike Harcourt allowed this guy to be a Ministerial Asst for four years says a lot about Harcourt's painfully lame judgement. He should have told Barlee to rid himself of Geoghegan or hit the backbench, pronto.


What is your obsession with Mike Geoghegan? I am really curious to know.

Did he mistreat you when he was a Ministerial Assistant, or are you still just upset that he quit the NDP.

Because I myself am also quit the NDP so does that mean you hate all of us who have politically matured?

Maybe his obsession really is about rumours of NDP lists and ladies of the night.

There is a list of NDP ladies of the night?

Hey that could be their new slogan, the NDP screwing the province one person at a time!

As for Budd Campbell I think we should start referring to him as "Bud Lite" because he is such a political lightweight.

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