iEnd for iTrend

Most of our astute readers will be familiar with iTrend Research Group Inc., the public opinion polling firm that once famously employed Langley MLA Mary Polak as its managing director. But, according to our operatives, the firm's assets are now being sold-off and it's operations are winding-down following a decision by iTrend founder and provincial Liberal mover/shaker Chris Gardner to pursue other opportunities. The firm hasn't been actively seeking clients since the fall of last year.


Chris is a great guy and will fall on his feet, but what about his right hand man Kareem Allam?

I don't think Kareem needs anymore media coverage :P

I've known Chris from University and he has made many sacrifices like all of us to participate in the democratic process. Now, its clear he wants to return to business where he has been extremely successful, especially in Korea.

and what did you go back to Tony?

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