Coquitlam First's last word?

Earlier, we reported on Coquitlam First campaign manager Dave Teixeira's effort to get provincial Young Liberals to vote "no" in an online poll asking if the slate should "fully disclose the list of contributors to its campaigns last fall?" In an interview with your humble organ, Mr. Teixeira - who presently works as Burquitlam MLA Harry Bloy's constituency assistant - denied accusations he was attempting to manipulation public opinion. "I think it's the same as any get-out-the-vote initiative. We're simply making people aware of our position" and encouraging them to vote in the poll "if they felt that way in-kind."

But wouldn't it be easier to simply release the names of those contributors? "We've certainly talked about that," responded Mr. Texeira. "But, quite frankly, we didn't realize it was going to be like this. When we spoke with Elections BC - they simply told us" we didn't have to make our donors public.

And is the Liberal party among those donors? "Absolutely not," responded Mr. Teixeira. "I will tell you 100 percent that no political party donated finances to us whatsoever." So no in-kind donation, no financial donations, no nothing? "Nothing. And to be clear, even the NDP didn't give us any money."

Mr. Teixeira also downplayed Brian Bonney's involvement with Coquitlam First, saying it was limited to liasing with Elections British Columbia. Earlier, we reported Mr. Bonney also sent out an email urging supporters to vote "no" in the aforementioned poll.



Sending out an e-mail urging Young Liberals to vote "NO" in the poll at 5:51 AM!

Teixeira must have been nervously watching that poll into the wee hours of the morning. And why? What's the panic?

Think about it. What the hell would any of this have to do with Young Liberals? Why engage the party machinery over something completely unrelated to the party? Why CC it to two paid party regional organizers?

And why to the campaign manager of Team Burnaby? What's the connection here?

Checking out these two sites might give you an idea:

But given this new bit of information, I would not be surprised if those sites are offline very, very soon.

Obviously there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

There is a very simple way for Teixeira to prove, without a doubt, that he is telling the truth. He can reveal the donors.

But this panicked e-mail, sent out to Young Liberals of all people, before 6 o'clock in the morning, shows he desparately wants to keep those donors secret.

And it all begs the question: Why?

Elections BC does not administer municipal elections. Mr. Bonney should have no reason to interact with that body of government.

Last year, the Coquitlam Now asked Teixeira why Coquitlam First had nearly the same phone number as TEAM Burnaby. He gave some convoluted "its a coincidence but it isn't" explanation involving using the same VoIP provider. He was then asked if that was the only connection between Coquitlam First and TEAM Burnaby.

His answer to the paper: "No, other than, of course, I'd be remiss in saying that we certainly know what they're doing. Do we talk? Absolutely. Probably very similar to how people in your industry and everyone else's industry talk with other offices -- but in terms of finances and organization, there's none of that happening, no."

That was "no, but we talk a bit", not the more honest answer of "no, except that we use TEAM Burbaby's campaign manager Brian Bonney to liase with government", or the even more honest of "no, but bonney is one of our top organizers."

So now that Teixeira said "No, absolutely not" to in kind and $ donations from the BC Liberal Party to Coquitlam First, I have to wonder if one day we'll discover that he actually meant to say "Absolutely not, except for that 5 figure cheque, and Brian Bonney's services."

Now that Coquitlam First and TEAM Burnaby are being cracked wide open, I think its time to re-examine Delta First. Has anyone seen their disclosures, or a report on it? Any mention of paid BC Liberal organizers?

Hmm, Delta First, Richmond First. They sure had a thing for the word "First" didn't they. I guess it just would have been counterproductive to change "TEAM Burnaby" to "Burnaby First."

I believe Dan Baxter organized the Delta First campaign. As in Harry Bloy campaign manager Dan Baxter. As in paid BC Liberal field organizer Dan Baxter.

I think they had an axe to grind about all the noise Lois Jackson was making about the Delta Hospital. Too bad for them she won.

I also believe Kevin Lee organized for Coquitlam First. As in Harry Bloy community assistant Kevin Lee.

Anyone know of any other connections?

I also believe Kevin Lee organized for Coquitlam First. As in Harry Bloy community assistant Kevin Lee.

Anyone know of any other connections?

From today's Tri-City News:

"Port Moody-Westwood Liberal MLA Iain Black wants full disclosure of campaign funds, including in-kind (non-monetary) services"


Maybe he should have his Constituency Assistant, Linda Kingsbury, pass that message on to her husband, Coquitlam First Mayoral candidate Jon Kingsbury.

I guess he doesn't realize what's going on in his own party's backrooms.

Maybe these guys should stay on message.

Getting MLAs to now demand full disclosure isn't going to make them look any less better, but just more moronic.

Just because you bury your head in thr ground doesn't mean everyone else can't see you.

What do you think the public is? stupid? well think again.

Actually, most voters are stupid

It looks like Black's statement is consistent with Chong's.

Their trying to look removed from this by saying that Coquitlam First should disclose, while they privately hoping to God that that they don't.

If the NDP and/or the media manage to really dig into this, they are going to regret ever making statements like that.

Wow, I must be a psychic.

This is what I said above:

"Checking out these two sites might give you an idea:

But given this new bit of information, I would not be surprised if those sites are offline very, very soon."

Wouldn't you know it, they're now both offline! Now how about that?! Got something to hide, fellas?!

Here's what left of both sites in Google Cache, for what it's worth:


Newsflash folks: someone almost certainly saved the HTML for both sites before they were taken down.

As the saying goes, "you can run, but you can't hide."

The panelists have this wrong. This isnt a youth issue.

This is above all a party issue. Teixeira was simply begging for the youth's help with an online poll.

Someone posted about Brian Bonney and the BC Liberals running student elections at SFU earlier. Well, the 'student' they ran, who was actually disqualified, was Chris Sandve. It was funny how they named themselves the 'Orange Revolution', trying to play on the NDP colour, appealing to leftwing voters (btw, the results there weren't any better than that of Coquitlam First or TEAM Burnaby).

Chris was Greg Moore's campaign youth chair in the last provincial election (Greg ran in Poco against Mike Farnsworth) and that campaign was managed by Dave Tiexiera.

Shortly after the election, Chris Sandve also worked for MLA Iain Black as a constituency assistance and sent out various press releases with that title.

And of course, Chris was also active in the TEAM Burnaby campaign.

This is starting to sound like some stupid soap opera, except maybe more complicated.

Oh, and that guy who argued on Sandve's behalf, to get him reinstated?

Dallas Henault. As in Uvic student Dallas Henault. As in provincial Young Liberal president Dallas Henault. As in former paid BC Liberal regional orgnizer Dallas Henault.

Maybe he expensed his trip to the Young Liberals, or the party for that matter. I don't think Helijet is all that cheap.

you mean the Dallas that runs the Uvic student elections...

At least the BC Liberals are consistent...

Dallas is so dreamy!

It's beginning to look like the University Liberals are an embarassment not just to the Federal Liberal Party but to the BC section of the party as well. I guess when you mix free beer with big ambitions and adolescent hormones you're asking for excess!

You're missing the point somewhat Budd. Brian Bonney isnt a provincial Young Liberal. The guy is in is 40s.

There are good provincial young Liberals and bad provincial young Liberals.

Henault and Sandve are the latter.

Silly me, I thought the Orange Revolution belonged to Ukraine's now-unfrocked Premier Victor Yushchenko.

Brian and his friends won't have to deal with Elections BC but their candidates did need to
file. It's law under the Local Government Act.

"The Local Government Act states that individuals and elector organizations are required to file a campaign disclosure statement with the designated local government officer within the period specified in the Act.

Failure to do so disqualifies an individual from being nominated for, elected to, or holding office on a local government, the council of the City of Vancouver, a board of school trustees, or as a local trustee of the Islands Trust, until after the next general local election. Similarly, an elector organization that fails to file a campaign disclosure statement within the period specified in the Act is disqualified from endorsing a candidate until after the next general local election."

Brian and his buddies should really learn more.
Because of their antics none of their candidates
will be able to run next time in Coquitlam if they haven't filed.

Brian's candidate did file. They all basically said in the filing "I got stuff from Coquitlam First." Perfectly true, and fits perfectly with the law you pasted, but its utterly useless information to anyone unless we're told where Coquitlam First got its stuff.

So Brian's candidate did file. Candidate said that Coquitlam First gave him stuff. So where did Coquitlam First get their stuff? If Coquitlam First isn't a civic party then what is it?

Civic parties are also required to file.

If they don't disclose and others do, what does
that say about Coquitlam First (Delta and Richmond First, too). Lack of integrity.

There's a real sense of loss of integrity here,
but Brian never had much in inventory in that department anyway. I gather all of these exercises of his is being done in his mind to "protect the interests of the provincial government". More than likely to protect his
pal, Harry Bloy (who got him the job as Regional

Harry's out on a power play and has been for a long time.

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