Ground control to Major Tom...there's something wrong

Bait your breath ladies and gentlemen. The search warrant documents you've been waiting for won't be released till Monday morning - likely around 10:00. It seems one of the defense lawyers won't have an opportunity to review those documents until later this evening. And that means some of our readers are in for a couple sleepless nights.


This is absofnglutely unfngbelievable ... what kind of mickey mouse judiciary is this anyway?

Not that I totally disagree with the flying pie's pov, but.....

If one looks at it from the loss of the 'late Friday docu-dump' pov*, well.....Major Tom may reaching for the protein pills right about now.

*especially given that there would have been have been the additional cover provided by the triumph of Ms. Taylor today.


Pie, its the Key"stoned" Cops

Perhaps it is time we held an inquiry into our so called justice system. Just another example of what a joke (or tragedy) it is. Shame, shame, shame!

The Elton titles were great, Sean.

This is, oddly enough, good news. Baldrey and Palmer et al. will be ready with their plates out come first thing Monday morning, and rather than a Friday-evening burial this ought to get legs.

Who cares...this whole thing is so small time


Get a grip you Grit hack.

Small time? Your leader driving around pissy drunk after a Fred and Cathy hosted Hawaiian night of martini fun is small time compared to whats going to be revealed.

Typical, no. Exciting, very!

I cannot believe someone considers this matter "small time"...since when did the expenditure of millions of taxpayers money become "small time"? Since when did the subsequent taxpayer funded legal costs become "small time"? The public has a vested interest in this case and has every right to know what transpired, and I might add, in a reasonalbe period of time. The raids happened on the Legislature - or as some of us tend to forget - the "People's House".

Meanwhile, legal costs mount and the defendents in this case are still waiting for their day in court...the very basic premise of our legal system is built upon 'fairness' and 'innocent until proven guilty'.

It is time we knew the truth. Each and every taxpayer of British Columbia deserves no less.

This is definitely no small issue. COVER-UP at all costs - ANY COST to protect a small circle of vested interests controlling this government. COVER-UP: the slight of hand used by a small inside group to highjack both the bureaucratic & political systems - for their own purposes. COVER-UP till the stench from the rot cannot be contained any longer. COVER-UPS never pass the stench test.

I have seen the lay of the land up close and personal. It is ugly - if not laughable - except the public is not laughing anymore.

British Columbians must demand better. Political 'heat' as in 'too hot to expose the facts' doesn't cut it anymore with decent people. Private citizens must take their own power back with strength and persistence.

Is it fair to the average B.C. taxpayer to see our dollars being used as a pork barrel to protect minions/politicians from within government having committed wrongdoing; so they may use our taxpayers dollars to play the Court System Game of the week? How often do the courts turn their backs on the evidence to protect vested interests from wrongdoing, due to reputations? Don't hold your breath on this one!!

The only way for the taxpayers to receive "fair treatment" from the putrid systems, is for the whole truth on all such issues (there are others) to surface from under the garbage. (I do have faith in the Criminal Justice Branch of the government.)

The only way that will happen is with the public persistently demanding nothing less; with VERY loud voices - building VERY large leverage.

When the public is armed with the truth - it is the ultimate power for change. Enough already!

logic does not apply to this case. There is a reason why the Friday night dump is not working here. Something fishy is going on....

You can really get a good sense on the level of desperation and frustration by the NDP. They know that Carole James has not emerged as the shinning Carole Taylor that they desperately needed. So like any desperate group they hope and pray for a gift.

Funny all of the 'dippers on here tonight looking to hype the pending release of the Basi/Virk affair. Just hoping in complete desperation there will be some bone in those pages that can help them. They know that they have milked the sacred cow of MCFD to excess, and that they must come up with something, anything negative in a hot Provincial environment that is increasingly too positive to deny.

Their friends in the CCPA tried to help them recently and lost credibility in the process., and labor, as they have discovered, can be bought by signing bonuses. You could call a time out, however as discovered in Kamloops, one third of the team had no interest in even showing up.

You can lead, you can follow, or you can get out of the way. It will be interesting to see how many times Carole James gets run over before the NDP takes some real action. Where is Joy when they need her the most ?

I wonder if we will finally find out whey Martyn Brown and the Premier treated Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk differently after the raid on the Legislaive Assembly? As you may recall, Mr. Basi was fired while Mr. Virk was put on leave with pay.

I think not.

Unfortunately, I think that the time is not yet upon us.

I look forward to that day.

I can't take this seriously knowing that the Chief of Police for Victoria ( remember the guy that coined the phrase " Camp Campbell " ) when referring to the hippy camp out on the lawn of The Legislative Building, and former NDP leadership hopeful, was the one who led the raid on the Leg.
I bet this is all to do about nothing.
I will return on Monday to take the flack if there is any.

... and the Bowie titles too, for that matter.
Battershill did not lead the raid, nor "coin" Camp Campbell. The warrants were were sought and obtained by the RCMP and had to be executed with the assistance of the police force with geographic jurisidction on the Leg. which is the only reason any VPD were on the scene at all

This is not about partisan politics. This is about our elected officials treating the taxpayers of this province with the respect we deserve for voting in the first place. And yes - some of us still vote.

Try as you might to distract...our elected officicials seeming lack of respect for public office is the real issue.

Yes I know we are all waiting to hear the news, but must never forget that those guys are innocent till proven otherwise, even if we want to see them crushed. It's called a legal system.

What some folks really wanted is to see Collins and his friend Christie Clark involved. And of course any thinking person kn ows that it was the RCMP running the raid, the local cops got to carry the boxes. all those seargents from Victoria's finest trooping in and out of the buildings made quite a show.

Here's a guess.

Monday morning will come and go and still no papers.

Monday afternoon will find a lawyer in court on behalf of someone he/she declines to identify arguing that his/her clients interests could be damaged by the release of these documents but that he/she is not at liberty to discuss precisely how in open court due to the delicate nature of the client's concerns.

The judge agrees to hear the lawyer in camera.

The judge subsequently stops the release.

Not only do we not get the documents but we never even find out who stopped the release.

Oppal defends the judge.

Campbell's grin gains a dimple.

Is the publics desire to know really more important than the integrity of our justice system? Would posters in this forum rather have gossip topics or a system that honestly undertakes the due diligence required to ensure the process is justly upheld?

Then again how is justice "seen to be done" when it is carried out in a vacuum of public information or, worse yet, in camera?

Shall the public become content to take it on mere faith that those with the power to effect justice do so without regard to fear or favour?

Then again this whole thing could have been avoided if the police had simply conducted their raid under cover of darkness. Or, better yet, if the courts had declined to become involved in the matter altogether.

Then at least the Columbia part of the provinces name would have finally had some relevance.

Vacuum of public knowledge? I think everyone in BC knows more about this case than any other case in BC's history, except maybe the Olson case. Look at the pages of ink that have been spilled over it. What people really want here is gossip, plain and simple. And people's want for gossip is the last reason to compromise our justice system.

The vacuum of public knowledge is what has led to the glut of public gossip. Because what is known so far - raids, firings, suspensions, charges - have happened in the foreground but lacking any background.

Maybe what we'll find out eventually is that it was Collins who blew the whistle that led to the raid.

Like that gossip better?

If you ask me (and I know that you didn't), British Columbia (and Canada, because this issue has national significance) have been extremely restrained about the RCMP raid on their Legislature. Too damn restrained.

With the clear possibility that organized crime could be at work inside our Legislature, perhaps even inside the electoral system, possibly even influencing the judiciary, there has been f-all speculation. We'd do better to complain about the semi-official cloak of silence. Ask around and you'll find many, many people who claim they've never heard about a raid on the Legislature.

So don't try throwing those rotten old eggs about concerned citizens wanting gossip, rather than clarification. If you ask me (yeah, yeah), I think this is another facet of the cloak of silence, trying to force intelligent people to back off and stop asking the big questions. Shame on you.

It is not "intelligent" people who are "asking" questions about a "cloak of silence". Anyone with half a brain can read the info regarding the leg raid, which was released last year. The rest of the info comes out tomorrow. Go back to spotting UFOs.

". . . . another facet of the cloak of silence, trying to force intelligent people to back off and stop asking the big questions." Right on, 'Pie in the sky'

Your view reflects mine above: "The only way that (the whole truth surfacing) will happen is with the public persistently demanding nothing less; with VERY loud voices - building VERY large leverage."

The tight little circles that pull the strings of power in the court and political systems, always count on and try to suppress, the courageous people who stand up and speak out over COVER-UPS; to give up; to GO AWAY.

Thus the corruption feeds on itself. The arrogance grows because the bad guys get away doing whatever they please. One of their circle will always be there to bury the rot under another layer of dirt.

British Columbians: Stand up and be counted - Persistence does pay off. Don't buy into the 'Bad Boys' GAME. It's beneath us all.

"So don't try throwing those rotten old eggs about concerned citizens wanting gossip, rather than clarification. If you ask me (yeah, yeah), I think this is another facet of the cloak of silence, trying to force intelligent people to back off and stop asking the big questions. Shame on you."

This is the sort of idiotic crap that drives me crazy. Cloak of silence? What the hell are you talking about? The release of information has been delayed for a weekend to ensure the integrity of the justice system will not be compromised. The shame lies with you for trying to subvert that so you can gossip a few days earlier. SHAME ON YOU!!!

That's probably not an totally inaccurate scenario Banquos Ghost. However, you forgot that a key role will be played by our pundits, Baldry and Palmer, busy extolling the official truth ala Oppal.

Jenn: you offer a fascinating view on ethical accountability. What's your take on the duty of citizens to understand what they're voting for?

I admit to feeling decidedly left out, having heard no accountability and even less gossip about the raid on the BC Legislature. How about sharing, just to offset the boredom while we wait for the sanitized sermons?

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