We're going to be high as a kite by then

Here's the latest news for all you David Basi fans out there: we've been advised the Crown is now working on a 5:00 release for the search warrant documents - a hour later then expected. Defence council has those documents in hand. And the Crown is waiting for their return.


Amazing the speed that the jusitice system is moving at.

Amazing that David has had to wait this long to see what is in the search warrant documents.

Does ANYONE have any idea why this long delay?

Uh, just a little criminal procedure 101 for Bernard. Basi is the one of the only people who has seen the search warrant documets (probably just after he was charged).

can't wait....let's just see where the story goes. Something tells me that there is much more to this story and that is what is reflected in these recent postings.

The boys at Pilothouse (sorry K and E) must be experiencing a lot of anxiety. It seems like next week will be be a long week for them.

Basi was actually able to get things done. Thats a far cry from this current bunch of federal liberals.

Looks like Mike Geoghan and the rest of the Basi Boy crew are working the blogs tonight!

is there a chance that this could break over the weekend?

talk is cheap, let's have at the gold and let us judge for ourselves.

Is Mike Geoghegan really a Dave Basi devotee? I knew he had made a couple of perfunctory apologias on Basi's behalf a couple of years ago when this thing first came in over the forecastle, but I didn't realize he was operating under Basi's continuing direction and control.

"Basi was actually able to get things done. Thats a far cry from this current bunch of federal liberals."

Sure he was. It was all power and influence. Sure was able to get things done. To help himself be in the loop and be the power boy he wanted to be.

The current bunch of federal Liberals are pathetic.

Dear Tania etc just logged on from Penticton. All my real fans out there know that I generally give rather than take direction, but thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.

Of course Dave Basi was able to get things done. Jeez, you idiot. Doesn't that simply beg the question (charges) of how, how much, who, where, when, and why?

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