Zero hour, three pm?

Stomachs are churning and mouths are watering today as the province's political classes anxiously await the release of search warrant documents related to the 2003 police raid on the legislature. The latest news: those documents will be available by 3:00 this afternoon, at the earliest. Stay tuned to Public Eye for more information as it becomes available.


tick tock tick tock tick tock the clock is winding down as the people at K and E prepare their plan to spin those around them. here i thought it was going to be a boring weekend.

as an aside, another guilty plea down south as ex delay aide and lobbyist Tony Rudy plead guilty to one count of mail and wire fraud. check out

Kim you are so cynical. I believe every word that comes out of K and E formerly know as Pilothouse. The fact that Brian is preparing for retirement has nothing to do with the search warrant information coming out. Thats just mere coincidence. Remember back in 2004 they stated in the media they were cleared of any wrong doing.

This is sure to be entertaining. Something tells me Basi and Virk may enjoy sitting back and watching the rats scurry for cover.

I look forward to your comment after 3:00 PM

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