Government-assisted euthanasia?

Notwithstanding some recent minor successes, the quality of question period has left much to be desired. And that has some wags wondering just how the provincial New Democrats will make it through the present legislative session, which lasts until May 18. But, according to our operatives, the Opposition might want to use that time as best they can because the Dippers could be waiting until 2007 before they get another shot at embarassing the Campbell administration/themselves in the house. Our operatives confirm government is giving thought to shortening or even perhaps even axing the upcoming fall legislative session. Fall session have been traditionally used to pass housekeeping legislation. Government is expected to have a better idea of whether it will exercise that option (which has been considered in the past) in about five weeks time.


Strange you suggest they might be thinking of shutting down the fall session. Isn't this the goverment that brought in set times to sit, tranparent, acountable government and all that.

I sort of enjoy question period now the opposition has time to have more than one person bring up a subject. Some ministers might actually get to know what their ministry is involved in doing.

Biggest treat is to watch Abbott doing his stand up comic review of things. Best health care, Interior health in great shape and everything ever done wrong was by the previous government. Hey they brought in walk in clinics is his standard answer to the new style private clinics where you bring money. Two different deals as the walk ins are all billed to the government.

Falcon does his windmill act, and Stan tries his best not to be seen, and if asks usually reads something off a paper written by some one else.

Ted Hughes is due soon and Gordo and gang would love to be out of town about then

Stan may continue to be out of town and when he hasn't left the building, read his notes like a good but powerless boy, but he'll leave behind the Acting DM and ADM who still know nothing about managing people or the work of the ministry. There remains a gaping hole re Leadership at mcfd HQ unless one believes that spinning and keeping secrets (DM) and yelling at staff (ADM)is the order of the day. Everything is being "managed" out of Gord's office and by the absent from the scene du Toit.

Not that the NDP is doing any better. Blaming the civil service for everything is not the way to go. And Carol is a very big disappointment.

FNW-It was Hagen that said Carole is blaming civil servants. Carole has never blamed the civil service for anything, she blames the ministries for taking away so many resources they can't do their jobs the way they would like to, or should be able to.

Do you fall for everything that comes out Hagen's mouth?

If anyone bothers to watch question period or read hansard a few hours later it is clear the opposition has never blamed government employees. Farnsworth and Dix have brought the idea up a few times.As has others. It's some liberal/socred/ conservatives that constantly call governemnt employees" Civil servants"

Being unsatisfied with James as a politician is fair game. Has she ever been found guilty of drunk driving as has Gordo. She happens to be my MLA and if I'm not happy with her I will go over to her office and tell her. NO political party is perfect but it's hard to cozy up to one that lowered working wages to six bucks, doubled medical plan payments , threw out a bunch of contracts, neutered the smoking stanards set by WCB,closed a whole bunch of things and now used the back of ambulances for waiting room at hospitals. Best health care system in the universe says the Health Care Minister. Ask him when the waiting lists are going to get shorter, but don't edxpect an answer anytime soon.

Heck they even tried to take away bus passes for seniors at a lower rate. Get a grip.

hmmmmm, it's evident to me that hack and DL are New Democrats and would, of course, support Carol and her colleagues no matter the issue.

The point is, however, that BC is not blessed nor has it every been blessed with good government, either from the Liberals or from the NDP - or from Socreds. I'm frankly embarrassed when I hear ANY of them speak in the Legislature, especially in front of visitors from another country. It's unfortunate that most of us here in BC are used to utterly abysmal representation and don't protest much.

And what's with this pounding of desks? Are the desks just replacing the pounding of chests because chests might be perceived as neanderthal? If so, the effort isn't succeeding because from where I sit, most Members ARE neanderthal, from both parties.

The point is, just in case you missed it DL and hack, that the Opposition ought to be asking about the gaping hole in Leadership at mcfd and they are not. I'm not a happy tax payer.

It looks like the kind of Leadership being offered by the Liberals at mcfd is nothing new to the NDP. After all, there is abysmal Leadership in that party too.

I agree, there hasn't been a gov't ever in this province, since maybe the early days of W.A.C., that was worth anything, however I still need to point out this...If you'd done your research you would know they have been asking about the gaping hole.

but first this...
A. Dix: Well, hon. Speaker, this was the Minister of Children and Family Development and the Premier who sat there last September and blamed the tragedy in Port Alberni on a single social worker. Those are their words; they weren't my words.

AND then this

J. Kwan: Talk about sticking your head in the sand. This is about government accountability and responsibility. The Premier was big on that once upon a time, when he was in opposition. Now no one on that side of the House seems to be prepared to own up to the failings of the government's actions in the Ministry of Children and Family Development, for their poor decisions and for the mismanagement of that ministry.
To the Deputy Premier, who is second in command within the executive council: if the Minister of Children and Family Development is not in charge, which is clearly the case — he has no idea what is going on within his ministry — and the Premier won't take responsibility, who is the public supposed to hold accountable on this critical issue around the safety of children who are very vulnerable in this province?

Terrific comments all from the Opposition and it might like to keep asking those questions rather than putting a singular focus on the problems at the ministry of health.

"If you'd done your research"?

Stop patronizing me. Left wingers, especially left wing men are even more patronizing than those on the right, which are patronizing enough.

MY research shows that mcfd isn't a real issue for the NDP members - their issue is health and there it ends.

Since you appear to claim to do YOUR research, tell us how many questions have come from the NDP concerning mcfd since the beginning of this session and how many concerning moh?

Until you do, you are welcome to the last word.

"And what's with this pounding of desks? Are the desks just replacing the pounding of chests because chests might be perceived as neanderthal? If so, the effort isn't succeeding because from where I sit, most Members ARE neanderthal, from both parties."

FNW is displaying a bit of ignorance here. Pounding the desk was THE standard method of applause in Canadian legislative chambers prior to the advent of television. In Ottawa at least, some of the parties who were being carefully policed by professional political consultants and image makers ordered the practice stopped because the TV-generation viewers didn't like it. In BC, the practice remains unchanged, a healthy sign in my opinion.

Budd, what is truly IGNORANT (as you have characterized me) are some of the guys who post here and who go to instant weeny wilt when they perceive that they're being challenged.

I'm aware of the history, dear.

Another "Standard": the Standard "Rule of Thumb" was that women couldn't be beaten with a stick with a diameter larger than a thumb; lots of neanderthal Standard rules have been dropped and it's time for the beating of the pretend chest be dropped too. It's not only offensive but it takes far too much time away from important questions.

But who I am to argue with someone as knowledgeable as you and who, it is clear, is very good at distracting from the real issues raised here.

How can you say MCFD is not an issue for the NDP? They pounded it all last session and look what it resulted in…more inquiries into one issue than this province has ever seen. Why would they keep pounding it this session when it is clear the government is doing something about it, maybe not enough, but a hell of a lot more than if there was no opposition at all, and we all know what that is like. Yes, health got a lot of attention this session. Why? Because of the Albos, because of Copeman, because Vertesi. Why wouldn’t they be pounding it? MCFD is clearly still an issue.

Isn’t making judgments on issues only by the number of questions being asked in the house rather than the results of those questions an excessively narrow way to make a judgment at all?

All that being said, your comparison of pounding desks as a form of applause with beating women shows the wildly disjointed way your thought processes work anyway.

Be my guest on having the last word.

I hate to agree with Budd and hack, but I have to. The NDP made amazing mileage out of the MCFD issue, after some good reporting in the T-C broke trail. Dix has played it to the hilt, going after a number of essentially paperwork issues and getting more mileage out of them than he deserved at times.
Will all those reports and reviews save any kids? I doubt it. Neglect and abuse will always be with us.
As for cutting the fall session, I hope they keep the show going.

I'd take all of you a whole lot more seriously re the NDP if I heard them ask questions in the legislature about the not insignificant numbers of Canadians who die at the hands of doctors: stuff left inside patients after an operation; wrong medications; over medicating; wrong diagnosis and endless other abuses. I'm not referring here to the aged being moved from one facility to another inappropriately - this and other related issues have been taken up by the NDP.

While the death of a child is not acceptable to any of us, nor should be the death of others who lose their lives at the hands of doctors. There are many more of the latter dying than there are children in the care of mcfd. Let's get real folks.

I still maintain that the current and very serious lack of Leadership at mdfd ought to be consistently addressed - the problems there are far from over and the NDP should not be acting as though they are.

Don't know about you but I'm outa here for a great weekend.

I love the fact that the caucus staff from both parties got their $4,000 bonus (sorry NDP, most of you are only eligible for half of that, you know starting until 2005 and all) but the poor, poor MLAs get nothing (that is, their standard COLA) cause Carol's gang couldn't shoot straight.

"But who I am to argue with someone as knowledgeable as you and who, it is clear, is very good at distracting from the real issues raised here."

Posted by FNW on March 31, 2006 04:57 PM

FNW, you're the one who made a fuss about pounding the desks. As for your weird invoking of the wife beating metaphor, ... well, ... I guess that's you're wilting weenie, or something like that.

does anyone here believe that adrian dix gives one ounce of shit about MCFD??
self serving is a understatement, it,s pure optics,,
with the help of a mid wife could adrian change a diaper? not likely,,,
can the NDP offer any decent opps in the fall? ask carole she,s in charge,,, right,,,,,


No doubt about it, Carole James and the NDP have been beyond lame in question period. Joy single-handedly did a more effective job with Jenny delivering background vocals over the embarrassment of Carole James. Carole James is so outclassed by Carole Taylor it's fair to say they are not even in the same league.

Without the one-hit wonder of Adrian 'the king of the cover up' Dix, the dippers would be screwed. Add in Carole James flip-flops and her sell out of her own caucus and it is easy to see why the NDP is becoming more irreverent by the day.

Both Palmer and Smyth have even put the NDP on notice for their lame-O performances in recent columns. Time for an opposition shadow cabinet shuffle..ooops...that might mean making a tough decision and in Carole's world, everyone get's a job and tough calls don't exist. Why lead when you can follow? The question is, exactly who is Carole James following?

"The point is, just in case you missed it DL and hack, that the Opposition ought to be asking about the gaping hole in Leadership at mcfd and they are not. I'm not a happy tax payer." says FNW. She or he assumes I am a NDP member. Well FNW you are incorect but I can read and see the BS being spread by the New Era gang. I to am a unhappy taxpayer, so lets not get it into your head that you are totally corect in your uterances and the rset of us who don't follow you line are some enemy from the left. I see hospital waiting lists getting longer and nurses leaving hospitals because of the issues caused by the IHA. all the qwhile the new Era team repat , everything is just great. Well everything is not great expect maybe in your world.One wonders just who pulls your string?

Dix had to go to FOI to get inforation about the mixed up ministry of Children and family. I read today Dix has now passed the stuff along to Ted Hughes

DL: re who's pulling my strings, as you put it, there are no strings to pull; I'm not NDP, Liberal, Socred, Reform, Conservative, Green, whatever. I don't believe in identity politics so you figure it out.

It appears that you and others here may not be able to conceive of someone who is a taxpayer, being concerned about where her/his tax dollars are going and to whom in salaries and perks.

I repeat: mcfd is a Leadership mess and during this session the NDP has been silent on this issue unless asking a question now and again is considered effective by some.

I would argue that MCFD is about the one and only area that the NDP have found any traction on. Mind you slagging MCFD is about as difficult as hunting from a rural highway near Fort. St.Shithole The problem is mostly that beyond MCFD and Dix the 'Dippers have delivered didly.

I think there is still lingering resentment form the NDP caucus against James for selling them out. More so now that the rest of the public sector have all got their big raises and BC MLA's are seriously becoming the most underpaid bunch in Canada. Not fun when you run a leading Province and get paid like a Maritimer.

The public sector Unions would not stand for anything less than being amongst the best paid in Canada and Carole James thinks that MLA's should settle for less. Much less.

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