He's hiding something from the rest of us

New Democrat House Leader Mike Farnworth is calling on the provincial government to force Coquitlam First to disclose who funded its campaign effort. The Liberal-linked group ran a slate of seven candidates in the recent civic election, spending $100,000 to promote them. But, because it didn't register as an electoral organization, it isn't required to report who donated to its coffers. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Farnworth said, "They talked liked a political party, they campaigned like a political party and they advertised like a political party. So they were a political party. And the fact they weren't registered is just a convenient loophole."

When questioned about Mr. Farnworth's demands, Community Services Minister Ida Chong said her civil servants routinely consult with local authorities about amendments that could impact the way future elections are run. But Minister Chong added the Campbell administration is not presently contemplating any changes that would force Coquitlam First to retroactively disclose its contributions.

And was that decision influenced by the fact Coquitlam First campaigner Brian Bonney - who is advocating against such a disclosure - is also a Liberal field organizer? "He's an individual who was involved in a municipal campaign," responded the minister. "Certainly he gets involved in provincial campaigns as well. And when you get involved in a municipal campaign it's your volunteer time that allows you to be involved and engage in that. And he's certainly entitled to express his views and solicit whatever support he has on that. Our views - mine and our ministry - is to follow the process that's been in place for a number of years. And to ensure that - if changes are necessary, if and when they're necessary - we'll put them in place for 2008."

But Minister Chong also stated, "I realize people want to know who's donated to campaigns. And, quite frankly, I think people should want to disclose...So, you know, if there's pressure applied perhaps there will be a willingness on the part of the individuals to be more public" about who contributed to the Coquitlam First campaign.


It's interesting to see Minister Chong saying that she believes that they should disclose, considering that majority of recipients of Bonney's e-mail (BC Liberal riding presidents, active party members, etc.) must have dutifully voted "no" when he asked them to.

Like I said before, follow the money. There is a very good reason why Bonney et al. will block the release of that information at any cost.

In this case, all roads lead to West Cordoba.

Believe me I'm not using this handle for nothing.

Brian actually got paid for his time at the Team Burnaby Campaign when he was also working the Coquitlam First Campaign.

Wonder if he got paid by Coquitlam First, too?

His puppet Mark Robertson also got paid. There was $15,000 shared between the two of them, I'm told.

And who paid for that $15k?

Brian is a 'media hound." (Until he landed his present position.) Google his name and check out his past twenty some odd years as a political wannabe. The attempt at the Mayor's job in Burnaby was unreal. How can anyone hope to take on such a position without some civic service as a counsellor for a few terms?

The 15k came out of the donated campaign fund. A waste of money that could be better spent on things for the campaign rather than cheques to
low quality political hacks.

Then the question is, where did the fund come from?

What exactly is Bonney hiding? I'll I can say is, look up

The fund was a start up fund. A few people threw money into the hat to get the campaign started, but much of that money went to pay Robertson a
starting cheque in early summer.

With so called 'professional campaign workers' like him around, the parties and the campaigns are best to go back to the days when only gas for the car and food were paid for and everyone volunteered for free so they could learn and serve.

Brian is not a volunteer at BC Liberal Party headquarters. He is getting paid.

Over the last weeks the level of bashing has increased so much on this site. I guess the NDPers are focusing all there energy on this blog, when in reality it should be focused on QP.
Dippers must have it tough to pass the time, as there is no Tim Horton's by the leg only the BC Lib's Starbucks

Brian Bonney is Blindly loyal to Gordon Campbell. Actually it was Kelly Von Reichert, the BC Liberal Executive Director's Tory connection that got him the job.

I am quite concerned over what is happening with this Brian Bonny. If he is indeed is a paid employee of the BC Liberals, then I feel there is real cause for concern. Quite frankly I don't by the story that money was thrown into a hat as a start up fund. That still leaves 85K+ unaccounted for. Whats the big deal with disclosing the source or sources? To me, this reeks of cover up and I for one want to know why.

Actually it was Harry Bloy. Harry felt sorry for Brian so he worked to get him a job with the BC Liberals.

Brian then took on alot more than he could handle, and later on Brian brought in Mark Robertson as a regional organizer after Mark's time in the Buraby civic party (Mark's campaign should have won big, but didn't, so he has another huge loss on his record)

Thsoe regional organizers are usually out the door after an election, as they aren't needed.

But the BC Liberal Party is heavily micromanged by a few individuals including Brian, Mark and Reichardt.

Hopefully some smart people will be able to get in there and clean headquarters out and replace with new people who focus on the party and not themselves.

Boy the NDP must be pretty angry that Brian and his team of candidates, volunteers and campaign workers won 3 out of 4 Burnaby ridings in the last provincial election. Didn't the NDP expect to pick up those seats? That must explain all the vitriol in this thread.

Success breeds jealousy I guess!

Does anyone actually think that www.tricitynews.com online poll results are legit? I mean, come on. Anyone in there right mind would care where the money came from. There is no way those results are from the people of the Tri-Cities area. The results come from loyal insiders wanting to cover Brian Bonney's butt. Or should I say the BC Liberals butt.

This from the Tri-City News today:

"The poll is attracting substantially more votes than usual. As of deadline Thursday - the day after the email went out - 219 votes had been cast, with 127 of those answering No. Fifty two came in during the day yesterday, with 41 of those No's."

It looks like "Banks on the green", pardon the pun, is right on the money.

Let me outline this, as emphatically as I possibly can for all readers here:


Read the comment thread here:

Brian Bonney doesn't send e-mails to Dippers. He sends them to riding presidents and other regularly active members of the BC Liberal Party.

And believe me, I can only think of so many ways to say to say this, this is bigger than Brian Bonney.

One must be a patriot before a partisan. And that we'll always be the order of MY loyalties.

"Boy the NDP must be pretty angry that Brian and his team of candidates, volunteers and campaign workers won 3 out of 4 Burnaby ridings in the last provincial election. Didn't the NDP expect to pick up those seats? That must explain all the vitriol in this thread."

Brian didn't have "his team of candidates and volunteers" in 3 of the 4 ridings. In fact one of the ridings' campaign managers does not like Brian at all and didn't pay much attention to what Brian wanted the camapign to do. The other
riding had volunteers who worked the previous election. Third was run by Mark Robertson who
bombed. The fourth was Harry Bloy's riding.

If anyone thinks that Brian was directly responsible for the wins in the 3 of 4 ridings,
one has to wonder how potent the joint is that is being smoked by Brian's supporters.

Brian isn't liked by a people within the BC Liberals because of his overbearing micromanaging
and silliness.

In fact some wish this guy would just go away and
be somewhere else.

Sorry bcguy, you can't have it both ways. Either Brian is intricately connected to Burnaby politics or he isn't. If you criticize him for his performance in the Burnaby civic election(s), you have to give him credit where credit is due on the provincial side for tremendous success against all odds and predictions. Quit airing your sour grapes - they're stinking up this blog.

To burnabyguy:

You're a bit off the mark. Brian was a regional
organizer and wasn't the deciding factor specificially. What tremendous success against all odds did he do? He provided party assistance as did the other regional organizers in their respective areas but that was about it.

The guy was not well received in one campaign, and in the other the results should have been much stronger than they were. In the third, the BC Liberal candidate bombed badly.

Face facts. Regional organizers have never individually won cmapaigns. That's done by the volunteers, or are you forgetting about them and focusing on the political hacks?

Brian's political adventures has been followed for the past 8 years and it hasn't been stellar.

"Brian and his team of candidates, volunteers and campaign workers won 3 out of 4 Burnaby ridings in the last provincial election. Didn't the NDP expect to pick up those seats?"

The Liberals held the Burnaby seats because of their Toronto-style exploitation of the immigrant vote, especially Chinese immigrants. It's really a kind of download for them from the federal level, where they have imported their Elinor Caplan type methods from Toronto. The best example was Burnaby North's Richard T. Lee, who profitably played the race card by falsely accusing an Interior NDP candidate, Calvin White in Shuswap, of making anti-immigrant statements.

As discussed in a recent Mike Smyth column, the Liberals have been lying their face off on that track more recently, accusing Skeena NDP MLA Robin Austin, an immigrant from the UK, of being anti-immigrant. A bit comical on their part perhaps, but disturbingly typical of the kind of arrogant and deceitful filth that is slowly seeping into BC politics as Eastern trained Liberal "professionals" are taking a bigger and bigger role in the provincial Liberal party.

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