What the Hell is he building in there?

Earlier this week, The Tri-City News's Kate Trotter reported Coquitlam First - the provincial Liberal-linked group that ran a slate of seven candidates in the last civic election - hasn't disclosed where the $100,000 it spent on advertising and promotion came from. The reason: because "the Local Government Act does not speciically require it." This, according to an email from local government liason manager Marijke Edmondson to Coquitlam First representative Brian Bonney. In that message, Ms. Edmondson wrote because the slate wasn't registered as an electoral organization "there is no legal requirement to comply with campaign financing rules." And it looks like Mr. Bonney, who also works as a field organizer for the provincial Liberals, wants to keep public pressure from changing those rules. In an email leaked to Public Eye, the scoutmaster encourages supporters to vote "no" in a Tri-City News online poll asking readers "Should the Coquitlam First civic election slate fully disclose the list of contributors to its campaigns last fall?" Hmmm...could it be Mr. Bonney has something to hide? The following is a complete copy of that document, which was sent from his personal email address.

From: bb62
Sent: Mon 27/03/2006 1:17 PM
Subject: Poll

If you have a second - could you click the link below and vote (I would prefer "no" !)



Is this not the same Brian Bonney who used to own Quantum Communications out in Burnaby. Wonder what happened to that business?

Remember the saying from the movie all the President's men?

"Follow the money"

If anyone doubts Bloy's connection to this, call his office and ask for Dave Teixeira, Coquitlam First's campaign manager.

Sean, I see you're a Tom Waits fan. What's He Building In There? is on the Mule Variations album if I remember correctly.
And isn't Harry Bloy the MLA who likes to dress up as a boy scout?

100,000 dollars and only one candidate elected?

Are Brian Bonney and Dave Teixeira the Moncktons of the 'burbs?

Bonney's personal email?
Not sure if bb62 is really his. Maybe someone trying to get him in hot water with a bogus email.
Good going whoever it is.

Blew Tooth,

Yes that is Bonney's email address, I've gotten enough e-mails from him to know.

Here's an example:

From : Brian.Bonney brian.bonney@bcliberals.com
Reply-To : brian.bonney@bcliberals.com
Sent : October 21, 2005 2:32:00 AM
To : "Brian H" bb62@shaw.ca
Subject : Online Budget Feedback Questionnaire

This will take but 5 minutes...and we really need to counter what the teachers are submitting....

Subject: Online Budget Feedback Questionnaire

The Select Standing Committee on Finance is asking for public feedback on the next budget. Please circulate this among those who can submit their thoughts - it takes literally two minutes!




Yes Blew Tooth that is Bonney's personal address.

I've received enough e-mails from him to know that.

What's wrong with being a super Scout when you have a complete troop of your own?
I've known Brian for about six years and find him to be of good character and somewhat sound judgement.
Why file public disclosures when there is no law to that effect?
I'd rather have a family-oriented man involved in politics than an a so-called door knocking self-employed businessman who in real life is a courier.

"I'd rather have a family-oriented man involved in politics than an a so-called door knocking self-employed businessman who in real life is a courier."

I am not sure what you mean by "door knocking self-employed business man who in real life is a courier." But this statement is very disrespectful and offensive to all of our postal workers who work very hard to deliver your mails and packages.

This is also disrespectful to our brothers and sisters working as couriers and delivery drivers in private sectors.

Good character and sound judgement?

Get A Life Bart...

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