Waiting for Gordo?

Amongst the chattering classes, Rich Coleman is considered one of several possible successors to Gordon Campbell should the premier retire as the leader of the provincial Liberals. But, according to the rumour mill, Minister Coleman might not be around to compete for that prize. Our operatives whisper the Fort Langley-Aldergrove MLA, who was first elected back in 1996, may not run again. And what does Minister Coleman have to say about those rumours? "Where would you hear that one?" he exclaimed when we caught up with him at the legislature yesterday. "I have never made that decision any sooner than a year out. So I wouldn't make it now. I have not made any overtures to anybody that I might not run...And I have no intention of not running right now."


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE become leader Coleman. It will be the best thing to happen to BC since Rita Johnston.

Coleman should have been leader when Campbell had is Maui incident.

I see a leadership contest in BC for both parties:

Top contenders for BC Liberals are Coleman, Falcon, Taylor, Oppal, DeJong or the longshot Kelowna mayor Walter Gray.

While I see the NDP dumping James and the replacement being either Mike Farnsworth or the immortal Moe Sihota. But expect Svend ring stealer to throw his name in as well and the longshot in this contenst being Adrian Dix.

Don't count out Hansen or Christensen in a dark horse/spoiler role.

And what about Corky?

So, does this mean that Mr. Coleman's imminent announcement of the much lauded 'Welfare for Landlords' program will be his swansong or will it be the officialy unofficial kick-off to his leadership campaign?

I think Corky is finished as leader, although we all know he does not think so and will run anyways.

I had a dream for a mtv celebrity death match of Mayor Larry vs Gordo and the machine. But you never know still?

No way NDP can stick with Carol James through to the next election.

The big question is can the right wing alliance survive without Campbell. Coleman or Falcon almost guarantee a major split, same with Taylor.
Oppal was a great judge but he's a disastrous politician. Christy rocked in opposition and sucked in government. DeJong might be the only hope they've got.

There is one sure way to ensure that the BCLibs lose the next election .... elect Coleman as the leader !!!! The only way they could do worse is to have Rick Thorpe as the leader !!!

deJong would certainly be the best leader for the party from an electorial perspective , only problem , he doesnt want the job !

"DeJong might be the only hope they've got."

Surely the apocalypse is upon us. That guy can't manage anything. He left forestry without a softwood deal or pine beetle plan, he bungled the tapes, and even Labor works only because of Carole Taylor's billion dollar plan.

Mike DeJong as a leader would be great news for the NDP. He is such a lose canon and an idiot. For anyone that thinks that Mike DeJong does not want the job, think again. He is doing all the leg work within the party to make a go for it.

Hey Peter V ..... you are the idiot

I worked in the legislature for 2 years , deJong is one of the smartest (if not THE smartest) person in that chamber (along with Abbott , Hansen and while she was there Joy McPhail)

Dark Horse - are u related to Peter v ? You dont know what the hell you are talking about. deJong could have gotten a softwood deal for BC ..... a bad one (like the NDP did) . Besides if you knew anything , you would know that BC was part of a federal negotiation on softwood.

On the beetle , the BC Libs do have a plan . Maybe if the NDP had started earlier instead of their sitting on thier hands / dont worry be happy approach , we would be in such a mess now !

deJong woudl be a great leader, but as some else mentioned , dont think he wants it !

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